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Maritha Pottenger's “Teaching Points” available online

Maritha Pottenger is a San Diego pro, rapidly closing in on Platinum LM (10,000). She is also a popular local teacher and was the director of the Intermediate/Novice teaching programs at the San Diego, Rancho Mirage (Palm Springs), Riverside, and Ventura D22 regionals for several years.

She has a new series of short write-ups that she calls “Teaching Points” based on hands she plays and questions she receives from students. She broadcasts the write-ups to her e-mail distribution list. At her request, I am also gathering them on the La Jolla Unit website with about 60 posted so far:

Maritha writes quickly in bridge shorthand using Microsoft Word. I've written a program, Maritha Automated Rectification in Translation Helper Accessory (MARITHA), that turns turns her shorthand into semi-formal bridge writing, automatically adds four color suits symbols where appropriate, and removes Microsoft induced HTML cruft. I preserve her deliberate capitalization scheme and the bold text to emphasize points. I also do modest traditional editing and supply precise probabilities.

Our plan is to update the collection on the website every couple of weeks. But if you would like to receive her write-ups immediately, you can contact her at (depending on your browser, this address may not cut-and-paste exactly due to an anti-harvesting technique deployed against automated harvesting software).

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