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One Major - 2NT (Modified Jacoby) Queries

One Major – Two No trumps (The New Jacoby 2NT)Around 2009-10 I formed a new partnership with a young Cambridge graduate, and we adopted the following ideas, for using 2NT as a Limit Raise or better for supporting opening major suit handsI found the following method on the internet in an article in Bridge Today May 2006 by Mathew Granovetter, which incorporated modifications to the original Jacoby 2NT raise, made by Marshall Miles and later Chip Martel.The article states that though traditionally 2NT shows a game force, the bid can be now used as a limited raise or better.One Spade Two No trumps1S 2NT3C Minimum hand (but no void and no 6 card suit with a singleton3D Extra values with a singleton somewhere, or any strength with a void3H Extra strength, no shortage3S 6 card suit plus a singleton, any strength

You can remember these rebids by the letters of the suit symbols3C Crummy3D Distributional3H High3S Six Singleton

Our original partnership ended in 2014-15 after partner married, moved away and set up his own business.

I have recently revisited our old notes thinking that I might use them in my current partnership and discovered that we had no arrangements for coping with 3S rebid.1S 2NT3S ??If 3S shows a very wide-ranging hand with a six card spade suit and a singleton, what methods were/are available to investigate?? Did I misread the original article?I have tried to find the original Bridge Today article on the internet without success. I suspect that I could purchase access to data held on Granovetter website, but am not prepared to cough up $49,

I would be grateful therefore if any BW player who uses above methods or has access to the original document would get in touch and assist me.

Many thanks in advanceBrian Keable UK player (Acol, 4 card Majors, 12-14 No Trump)

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