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Online Bridge and the Blind

Hi All,


I am a relative newbie to the game of Bridge, having recently discovered a strong interest in it over the past few years. It seems to come and go, and I don't claim to be very good yet. I am also totally blind.


I've got a copy of the lovely Bridge Baron program for computer play, but this isn't quite the same as playing in person or online. The online options I'm aware of all have fairly bad accessibility with my screen reading programs, with the possible exception of OkBridge.


I would love to try BBO, for instance, but it is constructed using Flash, which is almost inherently inaccessible. OkBridge uses a Java program which isn't very friendly either, but (used to?) have a text-based option.


In short, I'm trying to find an accessible way to play Bridge against other humans, or possibly a mix of humans and AI. The advantages of a club are obvious, but I'm not sure if I feel capable enough just yet. I'd probably need someone to watch all the cards in the dummy hand, for instance.


Thanks for any insights y'all might be able to provide, and happy holidays..

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