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Pairs Convention Cards vs. IMPs Convention Cards

I've been going through the notes on my partnership with The Partner and organizing them into Tis Veugen's excellent BbnOrganizer ( One of the things I've been doing is entering PRINCIPLES, general agreements that cover wide swaths of various bidding sequences that we haven't discussed specifically. I.e. We have agreed to what I believe are called the Scottish Women's Team Doubles Rules: First double says shape, second double says strength and third double is penalty oriented. That saves me having to enter many lines that are specifically encapsulating those rules in various competitive situations.

However, I got to the Principle on Pairs (and BAM Teams) vs IMP play. And I got stuck. There ARE differences in our agreements. The Partner and I are ... aggressive defensively ... for wont of a better term. We get in lead directing bids after partner has passed and we don't hang partner by jumping to Law-worthy three-level bids because he can't be counted on to always have five cards. Or many points. But that's in Pairs, not Team games. The aggression he exhibits (he's the pair shooter, while I'm the rock) is toned down in Teams. He'll open up a hand in our 2 over 1 system with 11 points and some texture and distribution. But that tightens to a solid 12 count in Teams. By agreement, regardless of scoring, I always have my bid when it comes to opening, including either texture or two control cards or both, because that's what a rock does.

There's other places, like in pre-empts. Our defence to the opposition's pre-empts actually changes. It's not just a case of a point better or a suit longer, they agreement is different.

So, I wonder how you handle this Pairs versus Teams thing Convention Card-wise?

I was going to do a poll, but I so rarely post here, organizing a poll is probably not my place. But I wonder, do you readers have TWO cards depending on the scoring? Or one card with notations where there's a diversion? Or, most interestingly, one card with no notation of style/agreements, considering those adjustments as obvious Bridge-based experience and expertise?

Just wondering by a retired old coot.

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