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Responding to 1 NT (15-17) with 5S+5H?

Once in a while you hold 5S +5H when partner opens 1 NT. How should you respond?

Various alternatives would seem to be reasonable.

1: Responder can bid 2D as a transfer to 2H and then rebid 2S.

2: Or he may bid 2H as a transfer to 2S and then rebid 3H.

Both of these sequences would be forcing. unless one decides that the 1st sequence is not forcing,

so one would be able to tell a weak 2-suiter from a strong one.

3: One could respond 3C to show a weak 5+5 and 3D to show a strong 5S+5H.

4: there are probably other options. What would they be?


Stig H.


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