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Responses to 1N-2S rangefinder

Up to now my partner and I have been playing 1N-2N as a range-finder but we recognize that this is not good as it is not forcing and cannot be used if responder wants to make a slam enquiry.

Clearly, the sequence 1N-2S, 2N shows a minimum but what should the stronger responses show?

We have some constraints of bidding style:

1N is 12-14 and will not have a 5 card spade suit and will also not have a 6 card heart suit.

That led me to consider:

3N denying a 4 card major or a five card minor.

3S showing 4 spades and fewer than four hearts.

3H promising 4 hearts and perhaps 4 spades.

3D showing a six card minor and the suit can then be identified via a relay sequence 1N-2S, 3D-3H, 3S/N showing six clubs or diamonds.

3C showing a five card suit (not spades) and then the relay of 1N-2S, 3C-3D, 3H/S/N showing five hearts, clubs or diamonds.

To me, that is easy to handle because it all falls out from simple logic and there is no detail to remember and you do not get boyond 3N at this stage.

Are there other better treatments? I have seen descriptions that allow responder to show three suiters but they don't seem so good to me.


All advice welcome and will be considered.





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