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Should I have called the TD?

Or more likely I would have sounded as a cry baby? Reading one of Mr. Wollf's blogs at Aces on bridge where declarer holding KQXX had to duck the lead twice to ensure the 3NT contract felt a sense of deja vu( kidding it happened yesterday afternoon). I held KQX in a 3NT contract I was declaring. RHO had bid and shown a good hand in the process of bidding. LHO led the 10, dummy came down with 2 rags in s. So I asked my RHO what are your leads from an internal sequence? Was told we don't play such. For a moment I thought RHO didn't understand the term internal sequence, so I got more specific, like if LHO held say A109x... would LHO lead the  10 or 9? Again was told would lead the 4th best also told that this was a top of whatever lead. Match Points was the game so when RHO played X I took it with my K and gave up a trick to RHO in s. Back comes the J. What would you do? Later on after the hand was over and the next hands cards had been pulled out by the four of us I told them why aren't you two still not clarifying if you are playing leads from internal sequences or not? In a slightly accusatory tone ;) Till then we were the only pair to bid game on that hand and I finished 3 down when it was making with 1 or 2 OTs. :( Another one which cost us our 1st position). I didn't call the TD as is my normal style for reasons i don't want to get into here. Later after my partner told me you should have blah blah played blah blah, I asked him could the LHO correct RHO's incorrect explanation before  I played to the first trick from dummy, partner said should have. Then I asked does that come under the domain of ethics or law? He said the Law. What are your views?  May I add from the bidding it was pretty clear if anyone held the length in it would be LHO.






















































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