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Transfers after opponent interferes Polish 1


I was rather unsuccessful with googling, so I was hoping that maybe someone in here can help out! Seems perfectly logical to play transfers after 1 gets interfered as it is most of the time 12-14 BAL. But I am having trouble understanding how certain things should work. Let´s look at a random example:


  • X: 4...5
  • 1: 4...5
  • 1: transfer to NT --- what hand types can this include? What do you do with 54 minors unbal and 8-10 points, for example? Especially if opps bid a major not
  • 1NT: what should this be? ? Can it work as BAL INV opposite to 12-14 as there already is a transfer to 1NT on the first level?
  • 2: transfer to -- opponent´s suit thus GF without stopper?
  • 2: transfer to weak or GF: Define "weak" here. How does strong opener bid after this? What is forcing etc?
  • 2: transfer to weak or GF
  • 2: ?? transfer to ?
  • 2NT: GF BAL with stopper perhaps?
  • 3: INV with
  • 3: INV with
  • 3: INV with
  • 3: ?

What kind of transfer schemes do you use? Can anyone share theirs? 

One more question that bugs me is in one-sided auction:

1-3/3: 6-card suit INV

If it turns out that the opener had a strong hand then the auction just seems to get (unnecessarily) ugly.

Could it be reasonable to add this hand type under 1-2m which should be normally GF? So there would be one exception hand type that is not immediate GF (and is always GF opposite to strong opener anyway)?

Thanks in advance!

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