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Trouble with Love

I'm reading Clyde Love's Bridge Squeezes Complete, but I can't understand a few exercises, eg exercise 2 at page 181, a repeating squeeze.

Love says: "On the last trump [9], dummy discards the Q (or a diamond). Now if East parts with a heart or a club, the result is straightforward. If he discards a diamond, however, a Vienna Coup will be essential for the heart-club squeeze: that is, declarer must cash the A at Trick 9."

Let's discard the Q, cash the A, and try.

Clearly, you can't lead the A, but if you cash the K there is no heart-club squeeze because dummy wins the next trick and East can discard the K.

As far as I can understand, dummy must discard a diamond on the last trump (dummy could discard the Q if the diamonds were J6/K9.) What am I missing?

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