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What can you do? The stuff just doesn't stop.

I held A,J86,AQ10975,J92.

Partner opens 1NT(15/17) I bid 2NT(transfer to ) RHO passes and as I am contemplating what to do, my RHO asks what is 2NT and 3.

We explain it to him. Next he says, " Oh it's not either one of the minors and he the opener chooses from his better one. We say no that it's specifically a transfer. And that opener's 3 showed honour to three or better.Anyway I choose to bid 3NT. Opening lead A and later on we see my RHO holds in AK1095. We made five probably a top(the scores have yet to be sent). :Edit: Okay the scores are in; we made 6, so got 10 out of a possible 12. 

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