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When do you call the Director?

Case one.

I bid 2. LHO immediately bids. Partner raises to 5, and RHO doubles.

I call the Director. These are experienced players, and LHO should know to wait before bidding after my preemptive opener. I wondered if RHO had Unauthorized Info, which she used in her double.

RHO argued that, since I had picked up the Stop Card immediately, her p was free to bid right away. Director instructed them that, no, one should always pause before bidding after a jump bid. "If you feel you've been damaged, call me back," he told us. (Boilerplate language, of course.)

I was -4, a terrible board; I asked to see RHO's hand. She had her X, so I didn't call the Director back. 

When discussing it with the Director later, he said that it was unnecessary to call him immediately; I could call him at the end of the hand if I felt we'd been damaged. However, my understanding is that a director call at the end is more muddy than registering your concern right away. He also said that such Director Calls usually waste time, because there's no rectification. On the contrary, I don't think it's inappropriate to put opponents on notice to observe proper tempo and behavior. They misunderstood the rules, likely because nobody had ever called them on their irregularities before.

Case two.

The bidding goes:

1NT - X - 4 (t) - P - 4 - PPP

After the auction, I asked the meaning of the Double of 1NT. I was told it's a single-suiter. (That should have been alerted.)

LHO leads out the A and K, RHO playing the 8 and then the 7. "Hmm...RHO has a doubleton." I think. Dummy is also doubleton. When LHO leads the 2, I ruff high, with the Q. RHO plays a club. Dangit, I could've won my Q in hand!

LHO mutters "You played the 8, then the 7. You gave me the wrong signal."

She gave ME the wrong signal, also, LOL. But this Table Talk is inappropriate. I call the Director. He chastises her for her talk; play continues. I make my 4. Turns out, the false-carding on the second trick doesn't hurt; the K is offside, and I'm never making 5. As she leaves the table, LHO mutters "Lots of people are cranky today. It was an honest mistake."

Really? The top of the scoresheet says "When attention is called to an irregularity — Call The Director." That's what I did. Is that not what the Director is paid for? And it's just an irregularity. Should this experienced player think that a Director Call is the same as being called to the Principal's office?

And, not incidentally: "Honest mistake"? We've all been taught, from the days of playing totally casual kitchen-table card games like Whist or Canasta, that talking about the play of the hand, during play, is strictly verboten. How can anyone believe that violating such a fundamental principle is okay, and should be ignored? 


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