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Which cue bid to use?

My partner asked me this question and I was stumped. Let's say your LHO opens the bidding one diamond in first seat and partner overcalls one heart. RHO bids one spade, to you.  As I play now, if I have a limit raise or better for partner's heart suit, I cue bid two diamonds.  But what would a cue bid of two spades mean? Given that I could cue bid either suit, what is the best practice use of these two choices? What would each bid mean in your own partnerships?

To provide some context for this question, it came up because we play unusual vs unusual in which the cue bid of the higher ranking known suit of say the two no trump overcaller is the limit raise plus, while the cue bid of the lower ranking known suit is a game force for the fourth suit. What is best to do in the example above? Thank you.

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