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Bridge Theorist Needs Partners for Study of New System

Anybody who plays poker (well) knows how to leverage uncertainty -- and, more importantly, when to do so.

Anybody who plays chess (well) knows how difficult it can be for the opponent to counter an unusual opening. These are often gambits and they lead to extremely sharp lines-of-play. The player who is better-prepared has a distinct advantage.

Anybody who fences or boxes (well) knows that the left-handed have a clear advantage. In exactly this way, a 4cM-pair in a field playing 5cMs has a clear advantage, as much as 3%.


I am looking for exp+ partners to test a hyper-aggressive 4cM system. The NT range is 12-14. The strong bid is 2C=any21+. Most auctions look and feel like 2/1, except that the 1M opener includes a critical subset of preemptive hands:

  • 8-11pts with 4-5 card suit (more specifically <26zars)

The follow-on bids are tricky, sometimes artificial, but 100% successful at finding 8+card fits and placing contracts in partscore/game/slam.

A different set of logic trees are used when the opponents interfere. There are sharp lines-of-auction.

Yes, this is a difficult system to play -- yet it is hugely-difficult to play *against.*


If interested, please contact me via private message.

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