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Two partner requests.

1) My partner/roommate Alice has too many MP to play Gold Rush games with me so I found another partner. This means Alice needs a partner for the side series/open/AX daytime pairs games. She is a Diamond Life Master (5200) and plays 2/1 only. She doesn't care how many points you might or might not have, as long as you play reasonably well and are nice at the table. Alice plays most gadgets and is especially fond of Bergen, so it would be good if you played that.  She is elderly and not comfortable with the computer, so you need to contact me directly.Cool

2) My Gold Rush partner doesn't want to play in the evening, so I need a partner for the 730 fast pairs Tues-Wed-Thu. I play 2/1 only, 415 MP.

Easiest way to contact me is send BBO mail to 80bmusette.

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