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Looking for a partner to play Precision


My son was my regular partner for years but he is now in college and I'm looking for someone to form a Long Term partnership.  I have 300 MP, 110 are Gold/Platinum.  We had some pretty good results - won Mini Spingold a few years back in Chicago.  Anyway, I am a very firm believer in Precision bidding systems and sincerely believe this has been a key to my prior successes (play/defense are good too of course).  I'm very interested in finding someone who would be interested in studying together and building the kind of rich partnership understandings that come from playing with a regular partner.  The well-developed Precision system I'm used to is based on Xfer positive responses and some other cool ideas, but I've also recently started looking at a Canape system that dovetails well with Big Club.

I'm 47, male, and own my own business so have pretty good time flexibility.  I'm located in Greenville, SC but don't really care where you are - would plan to play in some NABCs and the occasional regional plus online for skill sharpening.  

If this sounds interesting and you'd be up for working on a great bidding system and reaping the rewards, please let me know!!!

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