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Looking for Long Term Partnership - BBO => Taiwan => The World!?

I am looking to establish a long term partnership.

Based in Taiwan, but not objecting to anyone from anywhere, we can start by communicating via internet. :)

A little about myself.


Back in the school years, had a couple national university victories.

Made it to the Chinese Taipei Youth team in 2006, so I "hope" that I'm fairly competent.

In the Taiwan open competitions, had a few high places, but not playing often enough as I'd like, due to job/family.

Personally, I play pretty often on the BBO money bridge, where I do fairly okay, not getting rich, but not getting broke either.

I think money bridge is great for improving my declarer/defence, so I think I'm actually improving in those aspects.


Goals for the partnership:

1) Have a reliable partner on BBO - a good system with good agreements as well as partnership defense would be great, can't get that on money bridge

2) Winning the Taiwan(Chinese Taipei) Open - Representing the country is always good

    * If you are not from Taiwan, that's fine, but if you are from Taiwan, definitely a plus

3) Conquer the world! :)


What my time allows me:

1) Weekly practice - BBO

2) Quick feedback via internet on discussions

3) Probably once per month for actual tournaments in the Taipei area

4) If we really click, going abroad for a major bridge event would not be out of the question


My general thoughts on the partnership:

1) I prefer to have civilized discussions, where we try to be as objective as possible

2) I try to criticize myself first on problem deals - hard to do though :)

3) Open to new thoughts as well as constantly trying to improve


Cheers, and hope to get a private message soon from anyone interested! :)


Best regards,


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