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Ongoing Partnership: Weekly Online + Tournaments Every 4-8 Wks: Precision or 2/1 Player

I am an experienced player with 1,600 mps but this is low as working, parenting and coaching resulted in less tournament play. I have done very well in top 1-3 KO Brackets and Open Pair games at regionals. 

I live in Atlanta but have had successful partnerships outside of ATL in Knoxville, Ft. Lauderdale and Nashville. Play online 2+ times per week and then meet for tournaments every 4-8 weeks.

I've played a lot of Precision over the years but a solid 2/1 player. I can play just about any bidding system but also I am very focused on defensive systems. Prefer UDCA, O/E Discards Smith Echo, Trump Suit Preference.

A young 60 years old, retired hotelier, married and three wonderful sons. Lots of interests and comical (everyone thinks that except my wife

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