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Seeking Online and ACBL Tournament Partnership - 2/1 Okay But Would Love to Transition to (SMP) Precision

I'm an Atlantan who has played various Precision systems. Dan Neill has a new book, Stand Modern Precision which is an excellent system. I've actually been a student and played with him over the years.

Looking for ongoing partnership to play/bid online BBO and then play ABCL Regionals and Nationals about every 6-8 weeks.

To gauge compatibility we would first talk through a 2/1 convention card and then play a couple BBO speedballs online. If that works, start playing online regularly. If that continues to work then next step to play a tournament together someplace. I can travel anywhere. If that works we potemtially transition to Precision.I'm a young 61, retired, nice guy with lots interests outside bridge.It's not just "winning"; it's enjoying the experience. Need someone willing to discuss openly hands and use outside pro (reasonalble $s)to be a resource when we agree to disagree and want partnership to reach an agreement for future"Art That LIGHTS UP Your Life"Cell: (770) 289-1916; 4551 Blackland Drive, Marietta, GA 30067

If you decide to respond please provide email and cell phone number

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