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Interest in schools' online team game (for East coast high school and middle school teams)

A school bridge club student of mine, Amit Vallabh, is trying to organize on online (BBO) team game for East coast high school and middle school bridge teams. If you know of anyone who is interested in participating, would you please ask them to contact Amit as noted below? Thank you. Here is the message that Amit has prepared:


My name is Amit Vallabh and I am the captain of the bridge team at Newton North High School in Newton, Massachusetts.

Newton North is going to host an online East Coast bridge tournament for both high and middle schools in March 2017. Teams would need to have at least 4 students to participate in the 4-player team format. Newton North is partnering with Bridge Base Online and the tournament will have multiple qualifying rounds leading up to either an online or in-person finals.

Do you know of any high school or middle schools with bridge clubs on the East Coast? If you could please send me their contact info to, that would be great."

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