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Lest We Take Ourselves Too Seriously or Just Do It.

We held a bridge tournament this week for grade 3 to grade 6 students in the three schools here in our little town in Ontario, Canada.  We have a dedicated group of seniors from a non-sanctioned club who are teaching bridge as extra curricular in our three schools.  We are using materials supplied free by ACBL.  Interesting to me was noting that the group had a Hideous Hog, a few Rabbits and indeed most of the Mollo characters. 

The funniest Director Call was Declarer (in grade 4) calling me over after she had played 4 tricks in her contract.  Her question?  What's trump?  Everyone at the table had forgotten. 

My point is that we can increase the numbers in our wonderful game with small, local efforts.  The schools are hard to get in to but not impossible.   Any connection, even having a child or grandchild there, is a toe in the door.   ACBL will supply tons of free material and ideas and even a stipend for you.   Check it out on their website.  If only a few of us across the country decided to teach bridge locally at elementary and high school levels our numbers would increase substantially.  You do not need a credential (although it helps), just your interest. 

In class, one of the grade sixes was drawing trump (spades) for the first time in his life.  He took two rounds with his Ace and King.  He then played the 5.  When asked why he was playing the 5 and not a bigger one he replied, "Why?  The only one left out is the 4". 

Why not get out there and each someone to play bridge.  It will keep you in opponents until you die. 

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