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Letter proposed to be sent to youth bridge teachers and (when modified) to youth bridge players

Having a suspicion that one way bridge might become more popular among youth is to increase the exposure of youth to phone apps that present the intellectual challenge of trick-winning in a fun way, I am pleased to hear of an app that, I am told, is targeted to youth.

Amaresh Deshpande is the author of the app:

Please feel free to share the app as you see fit with your students, and to encourage your students to share the app with their friends.

Although I have read favorable reviews of the app, I cannot personally vouch for it.  I have sort of a half-smart phone and my phone has sort of a quarter-smart operator, so I am not much into apps that my children can’t explain to me!

Bridge is a great game for players of all ages.  My hope is that the app will help more youth see how much life-long fun and challenge bridge presents.  And, hey, should their experience with the app cause them to want to add a bridge program to their schools’ rosters of activities, we at New England Youth Bridge, Inc.  look forward to helping them make that happen.

-- Jeff Lehman

PS: I have also been informed of an app that is designed to allow just four players to play in a simulated tournament, scored as if the four players were competing against other pairs.  Brian Schott is the author of this app:

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