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Michigan Youth Bridge Inc Camp 2019 - Mission

  • Michigan Youth Bridge, Inc ©MISSION STATEMENTMichigan Youth Bridge Inc is a 501(c) public charity which was formed to introduce and expand the popularity of the card game of “Bridge” to youngsters 10-16. MYB holds an annual camp and has future goals of having Regional Tournaments with special sections for youth only. We consider that the development of the whole individual is important while teaching bridge. Therefore, socialization, ethics plus sports and other activities are prominent in the camp activities and bridge lessons.“Bridge is by far the most interesting and challenging card game of all, and it can provide immense challenge and enjoyment for the rest of [ones] life.” It is enjoying renewed popularity following a decline from its peak several decades ago and is currently under consideration as an Olympic sport.As an activity for children, it provides the opportunity to develop numerous skills and attributes beyond sheer intellectual stimulation. It requires such social skills as communication and cooperation with a partner as well as respect for one's opponents. Likewise it develops personal abilities such as how to think and perform under pressure and demands an honest assessment of one's assets and liabilities. And it’s FUN!A study of middle school bridge players was performed over a 3 year period in the St Louis area. One randomly assigned class was taught to play bridge and continued to play. When the scores on standardized Iowa tests were evaluated for the three classes, the bridge playing students averaged 20% higher in mathematics and science and 15% higher in social studies and English. In this era of disassociation fostered by television, computer games, and cell phone use, social interaction is significantly reduced. Bridge stimulates brainpower and social skills which will be invaluable to the youth as (s)he travels through life.Michigan Youth Bridge Inc holds a one week youth sleepover camp focused on both the absolute beginner camper learning basic bridge suitable to play with any partner at a club game and also providing additional curriculum for the intermediate and advanced bridge players between 10 & 16. Local and national teachers and professional bridge players instruct at various levels based on the current camp needs.There are fun activities and physical activities scheduled between bridge events as well.After all…this is camp too!! That is why we selected a 240 acre site that has very little modifications except residential lodges with clean bathrooms, hot water, full kitchen, stone fireplace and separate similar facilities for the counselors in both the boys lodge and the girls lodge. The site is between two undisturbed lakes offering swimming facilities, shore line, fishing. In the forest there is a significant ropes course. Team games, archery, wildlife hikes and other activities are available. And, some surprise activities each year. In 2019 the campers will learn circus tricks and put on a “MYB Cirque 2019”. Other surprises are planned for following years!

Susan Woodrow, Executive Director,, 248 760 1818

Steve Reiss, Assistant Director,, 314 849 1781

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