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Rhetorical Poll: Magic the Gathering pro

Let's say that there's a young man (age 24) who has been playing MTG seriously for many years. Currently, he is scratching out a living playing the game, and has recently reached "Platinum Pro" status. After finishing in the Top 8 in the world at a "Pro Tour" earlier this year (and winning a prize of $10K), he got a significant raise (it's all relative) from TCIG Player for a weekly blog/article that he writes. In passing, let me note that the top 8 players at that Pro Tour (which happened to be in the Washington, DC area), were all males between the ages of 20 and 30.

Now, let's suppose that this young man will become a father in about a month. He and his girlfriend have recently rented an apartment together. He is a college graduate. She is a nurturing 21-year-old community college student who has a part-time job as a server at a restaurant. She would like to stay home with the baby for a while. Quality, paid child care is extremely expensive in the Washington, DC area.

So, given this information, let's just make an assumption that in the near future, this young man will most likely be turning his attention to earning a living in a different way -- one that involves more stability, security, and perhaps benefits, such as health insurance.

Given the information I have presented here, we can conclude that, either:

A) This young man loves money more than the game Magic the Gathering. How dare he? He must be greedy, just like those bridge pros that some folks were attacking on another thread. How dare they want sponsors? Why don't they just figure it all out, somehow?

B) This young man has new responsibilities and will need to think about how to be the major financial support for a family of three.

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