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Youth Bridge and Robots

New York and New England area organizations have been talking about holding a youth tournament next year.  For logistical reasons, it will likely be an on line event.  The idea of holding this as a robot individual  tournament has a lot of attractions.  A pair or teams tournament would be more difficult to plan and run. How would it be proctored?  Would we hold it in clubs?  etc.   There already is  an on line high school team event planned by a Boston area school although our target is more likely middle school age kids

I agree that a robot tournament makes sense for us.    It is easy to do and will likely be popular.  I have become an addict of the robot games myself.  Kids certainly like playing games on line.   I am wondering if it is consistent with our goal of promoting youth bridge?   Will the tournament build more interest in face to face or on line live bridge or will it just introduce kids to another computer game?  

Bottom line, do people think  a youth robot tournament is an optimal way to encourage kids to play bridge?

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