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Four high-level leads
Well the only one I got wrong was #1, but come on who would lead that. Playing partner for a diamond stiff is normal, leading a diamond is normal, and leading a heart seemed normal. K of spades was also normal just didn't workout
It's Bridge Jim, but...
My partner overcalls fairly aggressively? God I'd hate to see what a partner who overcalls aggressively looks like
A New Ethics?
Completely Agreed with Jeff on Cases 2 and 3. On case 1, I'd let it go and let declarer ruff with the 6, I think it'd be bad form to force him to ruff with the 2, obviously not his intent.
Oh, the pain
I mean you bid two good slams, if this was what mattered then luck got into it
Michael Shuster's bidding problem: AKJ AT84 A4 AJ92
yeah I mean this is the kind of auction where both players deserve each other. I mean come on, 4D shows like a working 10 count with both majors, how on earth could I bid only 4H, do I know my partner is a maniac and doesn't have his ...
Who's crazy ?
2H isn't my choice but no strong feelings. Passing 1H is not bridge. There's a school of good players who bid their hand, and there's a school of geniuses who never win who operate all the time.
Carding question...
Sure, but count is totally unreadable. give me ANY 4 card holding. If you're playing low from 4 or 2, in a 1S 4S auction, unless your tempo is bad, I don't see any way partner can distinguish 7642 from 62 when you play the 2 both times ...
Carding question...
Because when the declarer has QJx in dummy and x in hand partners attempt to give us a 3rd round ruff will cost at least 1 trick, no urgency to set up pitches the urgency in this situation is to tell partner whether or not you're ruffing round 3
How to play trumps ?
I would lead the J of diamonds at trick 2, then use my entry to finesse again, only losing to 2-2 with split honors or 3-1 offside with stiff honor. I think it's more likely righty has KQx than either of these happening. Would just depend on table feel ...
Carding question...
Giving count with 4 is insane. You discourage with 3+, this is just bridge.
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