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Aaron J Jones
Aaron J Jones
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March 21, 2014
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What will be the winning score of the NABC Individual ?
Anyone who has played a big field robot tourney who doesn't have this number in mid 80s is delusional
Open Or Not?
not opening is just really really weird and bad
NABC Online Tournament
How is this not unanimous. A national event as an individual is just wrong, even if it's not a real national title
ACBL Tests Online NABC Event
awesome idea
The Worst Convention Ever
Forcing? ATB
Incorrect, I will play a of hearts J of hearts and just play my righty for Q of hearts
Laws interpretation
This is not about the stupidity or veracity of the laws, nor is about machismo to just hit a button and assume your opponents will concede. Look at the actual hand and the play. Directorial Judgment would be based on what exactly? Does a law exist that if you click ...
Laws interpretation
No, applying an ounce of bridge logic or perspective makes me right. Declarer played the hand as if he needed to finesse against Wests 10 of spades. Declarer is a consistent winner in BBO games who is 40 years old. Just look at how the hand was played, or that ...
Laws interpretation
ALL declarer learned is that these opponents are spineless cowards and the TD and appeals people are incompetent. Law 70 gives clear instructions for this situation, and if you believe declarer who ran the 7 of spades at trick 4, gave a clarifying statement, didn't know trump was still ...
Laws interpretation
These are the words of someone in charge of directors? No wonder the ruling was so awful. At a table of players w thousands of points, he ran the freaking 7 of spades at trick4 then claimed when the A got played, the interpretation that you "Must" state pulling trump ...
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