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Aaron J Jones
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March 21, 2014
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Strange Regional Format: Gold Rush + Side Game, No Open Pairs??
We went 61 74, Played perfect on the 61% set(if you don’t count not leading A of hearts), and doubled them in a cold partial (which they went down 2 in) and bid an absurd game(top to zero in auction)in the 74%. Just super random. Alex ...
Strange Regional Format: Gold Rush + Side Game, No Open Pairs??
Thanks Steve. Awarding MPs for this I think is ridiculous but how else do you justify 30 per person per event. Jenny and I live together, we play on BBO a lot and usually in the same room. It would be beyond easy to cheat. There was a board from ...
A "What's this double?" from the world junior online championship
It says I’m about to lead a diamond, good luck to them!
WBF Leaves International Olympic Committee
Honestly until the “relocated to WBF presidents hometown part” was completely believable
UI or not?
It is amazing to me how otherwise good players are so oblivious when it comes to UI cases. The reason for this, I think, is that at high levels there is a variety to what is being thought about in the tanks of a good player. The same is not ...
What does this double mean?
Balancing doubles could be on a wide variety of hands, it’s pretty normal I think for double here to be cards and no direction about what strain to play
ATB - Flannery
You wouldn't bid 4S with Axxxxx x Jxxx xx over 3C?
ATB - Flannery
Where's that dislike button when you need it, South simply has to do something, no chance this is a force, agreeing to flannery without feeling its true beauty is no good
What does this bid mean?
It's just a last train bid, auction has been jammed and you're showing a good hand in context. I think this is on the border of a 5D bid, could argue either side
Big Ideas
This is a breath of fresh air. Maybe one or two of these I'm not particularly happy about because of reasons stated here. But bringing bridge into the 21st century and taking steps to lure competitive people is very important. I didn't learn the game until I was ...
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