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ATB : Expensive Misdefense
Good lesson hand, AKxx should be looking to get tricks out of the small spades, easy club lead
Is anyone to blame?
Not bidding 3C over 2D was the worst decision of the auction. North could also have bid 4N over 3H. South bids were all fine, so "missing the slam" is all on North
What's the ethical action here?
Now that the hands are posted what an absolute shocker that partner was raising what he thought was your natural spade bid. Just like the 1000000 times someone has extra when they hesitate when partner doesn't alert a bid like this, it's 100% that the posted hand matches ...
What's the ethical action here?
You transferred to clubs and partner competed in spades. You're not allowed to infer from tempo or a lack of alert that partner forgot or misunderstood. With QJx of spades you have an obvious pass, yes anything else is unethical. Fielding partners forget after a break in procedure is ...
Odd ruling
this is an atrocious ruling. Dummy is way out of line trying to interject a line of play. I'd give the defense a diamond and assign a PP, which I almost never suggest but this is really bad behavior
The rest of the story...
At the playing site an overwhelming majority doubled
The rest of the story...
I sincerely hope you're kidding with this example.
The rest of the story...
This situation is not a shade of gray. The auction dictates that partner is likely not short in diamonds unless he/she has so little values that they didn't feel a takeout double was appropriate. Have the opponents never had 13/14 opp 10 in this auction with no ...
The rest of the story...
I mean, I want someone to explain to me how since my partner passed originally, I didn't make a takeout double of 1D, my partner didn't make a takeout double of 1D, now I get to take another shot at a takeout double of 1D. I've heard ...
Matt Smith Promotion
Steve, this is the best post I've ever seen on this site. I have had identical experiences with Matt, and am happy to hear he is moving up. He should be the highest authority when it comes to application of the laws and judgment, which even when I disagree ...
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