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Aaron J Jones
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Which bids do you NOT agree?
this bid doesn't show minors it shows two places. If partner has the reds you wanna play hearts, if partner has clubs as a suit, let him bid clubs and you'll play there. I mean this isn't hard, idk what the thought process is to show something ...
Which bids do you NOT agree?
there's no need to cater, south doubled. If one of East's places is clubs, guess what, 5C will be his bid as it gets passed around. Bidding 5C is just atrocious. Now if south passed, now over 5C East would reasonably bid 5D I think since that was ...
Which bids do you NOT agree?
1C normal, 4S normal, 4N borderline but fine, double fine, 5C beyond bad, all else normal. Saying east should pull after 5C gets bid over double is insane. West could just have the 3217 type hand he should have and it's obv best spot.
ACBL Chief Executive Tenders Resignation
Sportsmanlike dumping???
Richard Lawson's bidding problem: A K8632 Q AKJ953
Bidding 3C deserves to play there instead of 4H+5
Hendrik Sharples's bidding problem: Qx Kxxxx Qx xxxx
This is an auto 4H bid, not sure what the debate is about. I do have K 5th of trump right?
What is this pass-then-double?
wow 19 people so far think this is penalty
Double Dummy problem from BBO practice
Looks like leading trump and preserving 8 of diamonds allows you to ruff w 8 and force out AQJ, which makes ruffing two spades in dummy impossible without promoting wests 10
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: A QT9765 AQT KT4
for the same reason you highlighted above, I'd be more likely to bid 2C with that hand than this one which has more than enough value and filler to justify 2H
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