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Aaron J Jones
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March 21, 2014
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Forcing or not?
I play ALL the forcing passes, but come on this couldn't possibly be, potential 11 opp 0 does not set a force at the 5 level lol
Is there something better than BBO?
A robot held xxx xx xx KJTxxx. I dealt and auction proceeded 1H (2H) p (2S) / 3D (3S) 4H! X / p 4S 5H!!!! X all pass. This is among countless others, but this was worst I'd seen in a long time.
Is there something better than BBO?
I play a lot of robot tourneys, the robots got worse in the last 6 months. Whatever was put in around the time they started randomizing certain defensive carvings, they now under lead Aces against slams, make insane bids whenever you show value, just some very poor changes lately
Is that alertable?
I play flannery with everyone, and both 1S and 1N receive alerts, seems just like good form even if it isn't required
Would you have opened and if so, what now?
I mean I dare them to find the right landing spot when partner has like Kxx Qxx xx KQ9xx
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: --- Q84 KJ9732 AT85
Obv partner made a penalty double.
Ilai Baniri's bidding problem: KJx 9xxx Qx AQxx
I would like to bid Keycard. Likely I'll be able to count to 13 soon
Gonzalo Goded's bidding problem: --- 6 A7652 AT98632
I can't imagine passing. Partner didn't bid 4S, partner has some minor cards, and 4N seems just unbelievably obvious.
Play to make, or play to go (not too many) down?
I'd just take the hook and make. looks like they've got at least 140 in spades, so making could be win 7, I go for that. In general, it's imps you just make your contract. Now, sometimes there's a 0 percent chance the layout you need ...
Cheating at Scrabble
I was a big words with friends player until a buddy of mine who i played with, who was not a native english speaker, dropped "ilexes" on me. About 15 seconds of research turned up a number of websites which would optimize your tiles for you. I retired from there.
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