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Aaron Silverstein
Aaron Silverstein
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Aug. 5, 2010
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3 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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aces, cavendish, bridge school of long island
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Aaron Silverstein Andrew Rosenthal
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Invitational versus non-invitational sequence
I don't think there is a standard, but I prefer 3 hearts invitational and 2nt either scramble or weak with ❤s
Finn Kolesnik's bidding problem: 8xxx KQ8xxx QTx ---
I bid 2h at match points, 1 at imps. The playability in other strains worries me more at imps
Plan the Play in 4H
Let's say loses and low diamond
Plan the Play in 4H
Okay, south plays spade jack. Club to the ace and club gets the 10 from south
Missed Game
If this is a good fit, imagine not all dummy's points opposite your small cards. if you switch the diamonds and clubs in dummy it is at least 50 50. Switch the hearts and clubs and it is a great game
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: T94 A8542 Ax QJx
I feel 4 spades shows a mediocre limit raise. With a good one bid 3spades and then something exciting next
What's this double?
I agree. More simply takeout of other minor.
Is this the correct ruling?
If they won the first 2 tricks without revoking the maximum you could get is making 5. You do not transfer tricks from before the revoke.
Is the auction over?
If the director believes there was no intent to pass, then the auction is not over. There is no regulation in any jurisdiction I have seen, and certainly not the acbl that says picking up the bids definitely means pass.
A Club Organization, part 2
That is the point. Nationals are about break even. Most regionals in our area hope to break even. The club department is small, and the revenue is almost purely profit. So why dont the clubs have a few representatives on the board, say 1/3 at least

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