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Aaron Silverstein
Aaron Silverstein
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Aug. 5, 2010
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Aaron Silverstein Andrew Rosenthal
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Is this the correct ruling?
If they won the first 2 tricks without revoking the maximum you could get is making 5. You do not transfer tricks from before the revoke.
Is the auction over?
If the director believes there was no intent to pass, then the auction is not over. There is no regulation in any jurisdiction I have seen, and certainly not the acbl that says picking up the bids definitely means pass.
A Club Organization, part 2
That is the point. Nationals are about break even. Most regionals in our area hope to break even. The club department is small, and the revenue is almost purely profit. So why dont the clubs have a few representatives on the board, say 1/3 at least
A Club Organization, part 2
The main issue is representation on the bod. The unit boards who run the tournaments elect the bod, so the clubs, which are a huge profit center for the acbl, have no voice.
Meaning of bid
My standard rules. Conventions are off in comp unless discussed. Bids are natural unless discussed. For me 3 clubs is natural.
Rock, Paper, Scissors
If they bid 7, I think you want to be in 7 also. Game gives negative equity.
An Open Letter to ACBL Unit and District Officers
If I had a vote, I would make the event illegal going forward. Allowing it for top bracket is not because top players want it but rather because few teams want to play in the top bracket.
New Suit in High Level Competition
Yes, invitational to bid 6 in competition. Not sure what that means for the poll.
Should This NLM Stay in his Lane?
I have found it is rarely right to offer unsolicited advice. Obviously the woman overreacted, but pointing out opponents mistakes even in the nicest way can cause problems.
Lose the Trials Semifinal with Me, V
After they have opened, playing 2 places or weak heart raise seems much more important to me. You still have a 5h bid as a slam try

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