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Aug. 5, 2010
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Aaron Silverstein Andrew Rosenthal
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Bid after partner's break in tempo
You only will get a call back if the choice is successful. Therefore it matters.
Bid after partner's break in tempo
You are not barred from bidding, it is just the directlr should adjust the score if successful.
ATB- Missed Slam
Exclusion isnt crazy. 2 keys and the queen is a grand slam.
Would you bid?
I voted that I would always bid, but do find it automatic over Drury, and less so over 2d natural.
So, in this situation, the ACBL has made it illegal to just play bridge...
The question is what does 1 Heart show. If it shows 4, but occasionally you believe the best way to bid your hand is to represent 4 hearts then there is no problem. If you play responding 1 heart partner will play you for 3, then that is an illegal ...
WBF Declares Co-Champions in Open and Women's Pairs
Al,first of all, the executive committee dealing with these issues is a very positive step. I look forward to better tournaments in the future. As far as not commenting, if you are part of the executive committee and someone posts on the wbf's behalf then unless you comment ...
Is the WBF Sexist?
If the wbf wants to be consistent, if you are female they would make you choose between taking an open slot or a womens slot in a mixed event. If a ope then you must play with a female partner. Then awarding open mp's for open slots and womens ...
Judgement after partners failure to alert
I have played with many flight c players. In my experience 3d means I want to play 3d. It may be unwise but that is what it means.
Directors intimidated by players
The dummy had too many points. 15 i think. But she was very weak and probably never bid 7 in her life. Opening leader had king fifth of hearts and out.
Directors intimidated by players
Not a flight a event. I can understand ruling against the pick up partnership. Maybe the director found the facts to be different. I hate changing the finding of fact away from the table and really hate two way good. But it may very well have been an attempt to ...

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