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Aaron Silverstein
Aaron Silverstein
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Aug. 5, 2010
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34 minutes ago
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United States of America

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aces, cavendish, bridge school of long island
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Aaron Silverstein Andrew Rosenthal
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Conflict of Interest
My personal belief is that this is being handled more efficiently and less expensively then if the acbl with this themselves. I have no problems at all with Jay Whipple's integrity or motives in this. This is solely based on my experience dealing with the common game and Jay ...
ATB - aggressive slam bidding
Make the queen of hearts the king and north would not have signed off over a splinter
How many hearts does partner show?
I put 100 percent guarantees 3 but I meant my partner will 100 percent play me for 3.
Assign the Blame?
I vote other. If you have to assess blame it was south. If this is the way you bid this hand it is your system. What would north bid with the spade queen and not the king. I would assume you would get to 5 opposite that hand too(cold ...
Shouldn't Garozzo be in the ACBL Hall of Fame?
Is this a joke? His accomplishments while residing in the US would not come close to a nomination for the hof. Look at the current inductees and compare his record while a us resident to theirs.
That was an auction against me also. I asked and was told they pick the bid that seems most natural. I led a heart, but always would have. Didn't occur to me to worry about the alert (there was none)
Claim ruling poll
I said i would rule the suit blocked but that is a little too simple. This is a judgement call and the director and committee must try to figure out the likely result had play continued. That means you need to be there to ask questions of all four players ...
A possibly crazy idea for ACBL skip bid procedure
Is this UI?
No UI. As long as you dont have specific hand types discussed. Since partner bid clubs first they would play the hand even if you, not Yu bid them at a lower level.
Are you forced to bid?
Well I have passed forcing bids before, but i still think it was agreement. You always are expected to do what you think is best. I think our points of view are only different in semantics.

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