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Adam Gann
Adam Gann
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Dec. 1, 2011
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May 19
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Bridge Player
about me

I am a junior who started playing competitively late in college. I’m always looking for new partners and opportunities to play in the D.C. area.

United States of America

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2015 NAP Flight C Winner, 2015 GNT Flight C Runner-Up
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Beth Palmer (1952-2019)
When I think about playing against Beth, my mind immediately goes to her unparalleled focus at the table. The care and seriousness with which she approached each hand were inspiring. You always knew you were playing against a truly great player when you encountered Beth. Beth was also unflaggingly compassionate ...
MANFIELD Wins Mixed Teams
Congratulations! Thanks for representing District Six so well!
Dahl and Oshlag Win Fast Pairs
Congratulations! As I said at almost the exact same time last year on a very similar thread, I have the privilege of playing against Mark periodically. He is always a model of gentlemanly comportment and active ethics at the table, so it is really exciting to see his success continuing ...
Are we too advanced to get this one right?
I think 1M-2 being a game-force with conventional responses from opener is generally legal. I agree with Michael; with 4-4 in the majors, I would elect to start with 2 rather than 2NT to retain flexibility in case opener is 4-5 in the majors. Once responder knows opener ...
Should South find a bid with this hand?
Michael is quite correct. I did not mean to suggest that South should double at any point. I was just noting that the problem Michal is talking about here is one that might require some thought.
Should South find a bid with this hand?
I think there's legitimate room for debate about whether or not South should bid 2 at the first or second opportunity. Some experienced partnerships have agreements about how much defensive value a direct 2 would show here, and this hand might have too much. However, I don ...
Jump shifts into minors after a major opening bid
You also get some nice inferences from partner's failure to bid 3m directly in an auction like 1M-1NT-2M-3m. If you do play 1M-3m as invitational, it's a good idea to agree what responder's major support looks like. Can responder have xx? Hx?
Adam Gann's bidding problem: xx xx Qx AKQxxxx
I would agree with that assessment. And yes, it's a companion hand.
Adam Gann's bidding problem: Ax Ax KT9xxx Jxx
It wasn't bid at the table. Seems like it would have been a reasonable call, though.
LO Wins Roth Swiss
Congratulations! Much of what I would write has already been said above--about how exciting it is for great people to win big events, about Beth's Hall of Fame career, etc.--but I do want to note that this is a team that does a lot to encourage younger players ...

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