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Adam Grossack
Adam Grossack
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March 12, 2012
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7 hours ago
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Bridge Pro
about me

Gold Medalist World Youth Bridge Congress – Teams – Under 26 Atlanta, GA, Aug 2013

Gold Medalist World Youth Individual Championships - Under 21 Philadelphia, PA, July 2010

Teen King of Bridge - 2010


United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
6h p 7h p p x p p xx playing with mom to pick up 19 imps and win midnight KO by 1 imp.
Bridge Accomplishments
Weathering the Zach Grossack storm
Regular Bridge Partners
Alan Applebaum, Anton Tsypkin, Lew Gamerman, Zach Grossack
Favorite Tournaments
World Junior Championships
Favorite Conventions
Non-serious 3nt, redwood
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Adam & Zach Grossack
2/1 unconditional force, naturalish style
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Anti cheating committee
Hi Justin, Many thoughts... first thanks for posting and I think it is important to pull up and see where all the work gets us. I’m not as quick to give up on bridge. We should separate collusive cheating with being unethical. They are separate problems. They both need ...
Anti cheating committee
This is an amazing group of people who I know I can trust to be ambassadors for bridge and to help the bridge community get better from this. I really hope that many of the players who have shown poor judgment during this corona era will clean up their act ...
The Greatest Play
oh my god i think i found it
Charlie Chen's bidding problem: T9876532 2 65 T4
I held this hand and opened 2S in a weak match points field... undisciplined and a little weird but I wanted to leave open the possibility of my bidding again. Certainly in a stronger field 3S is more normal
Michael Xu's bidding problem: KJxx AJxxx AK xx
You don’t have exact major suit spots?
Why Zimmermann should not have won the Monaco Winter Games
What if north held x Qxxx Kxxx Jxxx Wouldn’t that hand have a problem between raising to 3♣️ to block the balance and passing?
Why Zimmermann should not have won the Monaco Winter Games
Hi Jeff, I guess our disagreement is whether or not the slow return of the tray to SW “demonstrably” suggests one action over another. For me it does not so I believe south is allowed to make whatever call he wants. In my experience it is very difficult to say ...
Why Zimmermann should not have won the Monaco Winter Games
Hi Phil, Unfortunately 3♠️ Is a tactical nightmare. The opening lead against 3NT will likely be critical and I can’t help them find a different lead. For me it is either pass or 3NT.
Why Zimmermann should not have won the Monaco Winter Games
Hi Roy, I have had at least 2 negative experiences against the pair in question and will admit a bias toward agreeing with the content of your post but if I try to judge this particular situation without bias, I believe the director’s ruling was correct. I think 3NT ...
Have you heard of this lead agreement?
Yes, the phrasing of the content in the post is suboptimal in my opinion. I’ve heard of the agreement that, from a pair that normally leads Ace from AK, leading the king from AK can trigger an alarm clock, one of which is that we are shifting to a ...

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