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Adam Kaplan
Adam Kaplan
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Nov. 12, 2010
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15 hours ago
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Bridge Writer
about me

24, but bid like an AARP member. Running my own travel company and playing bridge sometimes while living in NYC. Stanford '18.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
My first triple-squeeze, and the look on my opponent's face. I was 8.
Bridge Accomplishments
2x U26 Gold Medals
Regular Bridge Partners
Christian Jolly, Ben Kristensen
Member of Bridge Club(s)
N/A - Don't get to local clubs too often.
Favorite Tournaments
Bermuda Regional
Favorite Conventions
2H Ekrens
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Emerald Life Master
AiB Standard Bidding Box 2/1
2/1 GF, 2M rebid promises only 5 [All Finesses always lose]
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Adam - Marty
2/1 GF (2NT Waiting, 2M 6+)
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Adam - Roger 2/1
2/1 GF
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Adam-Billy USBF2015
2/1 GF (Rebid does not show 6, 2!C could be 2)
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Adam - Ben
2/1 GF (2C can be 2)
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District 7 Columbia/Atlanta Regionals are A GO!
My first thought: Natural selection at work. My second thought: Sadly, for most attendees, it would be a few decades too late.
Youngest Life Master
Congratulations! Quite the set of circumstances to overcome to get in those last few wins, and very well deserved.
Mea Culpa
I found myself in a similar position a few weeks back, but was ultimately convinced (and swung sharply in the opposite direction of believing in government-ordered restrictions) by some of the articles shared on early posts. I'm glad that you've reconsidered, and I would expect nothing less from ...
It Happened One Day
I don't recall the exact incident since it was a couple years back, but when I played them in the Spingold with Christian Jolly + Kevin Rosenberg + Ben Kristensen, it was all fun and games until they realized they might lose. Then it got serious and hostile quickly. In the ...
A Call for Unity
Everything is political. I don't want my friends, family, or the bridge community to die or suffer serious harm from this virus (regardless of their political affiliation!). While I have relatively little power to influence that, our US elected officials and authorities can. They have the chance to reduce ...
US travel ban on mainland Europe
Ah yes, closing the barn door after the horse has escaped and is already 100 miles away. Meanwhile, the barn is on fire.
Open Letter to the ACBL on Covid-19
I suppose I should have been clearer: My biggest issue is not directly with individuals wishing to attend. Even though I disagree with that decision and believe it to be ill-advised, I can at least sympathize... What I cannot sympathize with is the organizers and/or relevant authorities allowing the ...
Open Letter to the ACBL on Covid-19
Precisely. Attendees are not just risking their own lives and well-being. At-risk also means lowered immune systems and more vulnerable to death and serious complications. This overloads the healthcare system and imposes social costs beyond the individual who is sick... Even if they don't spread it to anyone else ...
Open Letter to the ACBL on Covid-19
Well said, Josh, and I couldn't agree more. Willfully allowing an event to continue with an at-risk population, participants from around the world, and clear transmission vectors through cards is not just ill-advised, it is malpractice. This is not about fear or panic, nor is it about individual liberty ...
NABC Coronavirus Precautions
I nearly died from swine flu at the San Diego nationals in 2009. Regardless of containment, I will allow this picture to explain why even if it is inevitable, it is a boon to public health to "flatten the curve" and prevent truly exponential spread: ...

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