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Adam Lally
Adam Lally
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Basic Information

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March 10, 2011
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May 2
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Bridge Player
United States of America

Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
2nd in Flight B GNT (2012 Philadelphia NABC)
Regular Bridge Partners
Dana Rossi
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ACBL Ranking
Bronze Life Master
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2 over 1 in competition
If anybody's still following this... see
Adam Lally's bidding problem: KQ96 J AQJT983 9
I bid 2, thinking it was forcing, but partner passed. RHO balanced 3 and I (probably unwisely) bid 5. Partner had AT7 KQ632 64 764. The K was onside but diamonds split 4-0 and I had to lose the K and two aces. I am interested to ...
Starting Times and Playing Schedules
I much prefer the earlier times. I spend the entire rest of the year in a routine where I am most awake and alert during a "normal" workday, and I would like to keep on that schedule. By 10PM my brain is usually shutting down. I live on the East ...
Adam Lally's lead problem: 865 K642 832 J96
A club was the winning lead this time (partner has a stiff club plus Ax, A, and the A that he can underlead to get his club ruff). Mostly I was curious if in general people thought this double had lead direction implications
Popular Method You Most Dislike
One-of-a-suit opening bids that are non-forcing :)
What's your ideal Regional schedule?
I like the morning and afternoon schedule, it matches my normal work schedule so I find it very natural. I think bracketed "Swiss" are the worst of all the events, because masterpoints are such bad indicators of skill. So give me some other option than that, please.
Adam Lally's bidding problem: JT652 T KT75 AT4
A few years ago I would have just seen five spades and blasted 4 without thinking. Now I guess I am overthinking! KA and A doesn't really seem like "a little", though. And 4 feels like it's the last guess here; I doubt opener will be ...
Adam Lally's bidding problem: JT652 T KT75 AT4
I guess I must be having a blind spot but isn't Axxxx Kxxxx x Jx off a trick in each suit? If partner has the Q that really helps my hand. I was visualizing three small cards in the minors, is that too pessimistic? When partner is minimum with ...
Adam Lally's bidding problem: JT652 T KT75 AT4
Can any of the 4S bidders share their thoughts? It seemed to me that there were lots of hands where partner would come in at favorable that won't make 4S, while the opponents aren't making anything. Is 4S hanging partner for being aggressive?
Adam Lally's bidding problem: QJ973 Q4 72 KJT3
We don't have detailed agreements here, so for example 3D is the only bid I'm sure would be taken as a limit raise. If you think there is some other standard agreement that you'd be comfortable bidding without discussion with partner, go ahead.

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