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Adam Meyerson
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March 14, 2011
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Elianna Meyerson, Samuel Ieong, Howard Liu, Josh Sher, Li-Chung Chen
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Meyerson, Zirconia, Gazzilli
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Responses after a Forcing NT is overcalled
Two thoughts here: 1. If double is penalty, my call with a takeout hand will not allow partner to choose to defend. How much does this cost us? 2. If double is takeout, if I have a penalty hand I will need to rely on partner to balance. How often ...
Foursomes - Another modest proposal for the GNT's
Some of us are missing work every time we attend a major tournament, and don't want to spend our vacation time sitting out while our teammates play (especially since most of the tournament locations are not where we would choose to spend a non-bridge holiday). But if we choose ...
Foursomes - Another modest proposal for the GNT's
Such an event will obviously favor some players over others (gives an advantage to players with more stamina, disadvantage to weak sponsors, etc). It is possible that some players will choose not to play for these reasons. But currently, EVERY major team event allows six. And there are players who ...
Bridge in Switzerland
Thanks! We will try to attend (depends a bit on our housing situation though). In particular the mixed pairs looks to be on August 1 which is a holiday in Zurich.
Bridge in Switzerland
We may not be settled in yet by August to take a trip to Sweden but will definitely keep it in mind for future years!
Bridge in Switzerland
Not sure if we are eligible (there is a 3-year residency requirement for the national team) but we will be sure to find out! Bridge corner is quite close to my work.
Combining preemptive, mixed, invitational and GF minor-suit raises with showing balanced hands.
Here's a thought: 1-2 normal single raise, includes 7-9 w/o shortage 1-2 various GF hands which may not have fit; 2 asks and: ... 2nt balanced stronger than direct 2nt ... 3, 3, 3 sets the suit and asks cuebids ... 3 ...
Light Opening Bids
With this shape it is usually easy to get into the auction later (usually by doubling) so I wouldn't feel compelled to open. The second hand seems like a pile of garbage to me; I don't think it's even close to an opener in standard methods (and ...
(1m) - 1NT - ( 2m) - ?
I play these the same as if partner opened 1nt and RHO overcalled 2m (natural). This comes to the same as WJ Sund's post above.
Improving the Seeding Process
Yeah if we compare these teams as they are about to play their R16 match: Higher seed has probably played 150 boards. None of these were against top-16 seeds. 90 of them were not even against top-48 seeds. Underseeded lower seed has probably played 180 boards. 90 of them were ...

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