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Adam Meyerson
Adam Meyerson
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March 14, 2011
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Elianna Meyerson, Samuel Ieong, Howard Liu, Josh Sher, Li-Chung Chen
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Bridge Corner (Zurich)
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Meyerson, Zirconia, Gazzilli
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Transfers after 1NT - 2C - 2D?
We play a different structure with somewhat similar effects. Our sequences after 1NT-2-2: 2 = 5+ exactly invite, NF, does not promise hearts 2NT = balanced invite 3 = GF relay looking for a minor-suit fit, normally balanced 3 = diamond shortness without a five-card major (i.e ...
what is 2 over 1 over takeout double?
Less than invitational, has a wide range that includes both "weak runout" and "somewhat constructive" (would start with a redouble to invite). Certainly not forcing.
Minor suit bidding over notrump
Qxx x Jxxx AQxxx Kxx xxx AKQx Kxx Would you rather play 3nt or 5? I think I’ll show the shortness.
Was this a fielded psyche and is the psychic bidder allowed to coach his client when the director is called?
Suppose when this pair discussed their methods before the game, the pro explicitly said "if I ever bid 3NT, just pass no matter what you have" and client is following the instruction. Presumably you'd agree that such an agreement requires some disclosure! Okay, let's assume they never had ...
2 ACBLs?
One big issue is investment in the future of the game. If bridge is to survive, we need to encourage/support bridge teachers and programs for players of all levels. If we had two organizations, it'd be easier for them to squabble over who pays for this effort, which ...
What is 1!C - (1!S) - 2!S?
I think it makes sense to play transfers here. For me this would be: 2 = diamonds 2 = hearts 2 = inv+ with clubs 2 = stopper ask 2NT = natural 3 = less than invite with clubs Of course different schemes are possible, but assuming "short club" means all ...
Value of Support Doubles?
I’ve had success playing double as takeout — it shows 0-2 in the opponents suit with usually three card support (occasionally honor doubleton) and 3-4 in the fourth suit. This helps a lot to find 4-4 fits in the fourth suit and also clarifies a lot of follow up auctions ...
Dutch Spiral
Not sure I can claim credit for inventing natural bidding, but it's not something I learned from anywhere else. Compared to the original post, my method certainly wins for simplicity. There are some tradeoffs about siding 3NT and about revealing responder's second suit versus making artificial calls that ...
Multi 2!D Defence Revisited
The comparison to weak 1NT is not really valid. The weak 1NT is harder to double and defend because partner hasn't opened a weak two. Your chances of scrambling to a playable partial at the two-level may be better than a three-level partial after 2-2. And many ...
Adam Meyerson's lead problem: 95432 Q42 QJ2 76
This was a hand I kibitzed in the Polish league. At one table the Q was lead, the other chose the 6. This time, a club was the only setting lead (partner had AQTxx and A; Jxx was in dummy). Double dummy sims say that a high diamond is the ...

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