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Adam Meyerson
Adam Meyerson
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March 14, 2011
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Elianna Meyerson, Samuel Ieong, Howard Liu, Josh Sher, Li-Chung Chen
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Meyerson, Zirconia, Gazzilli
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Flannery Disclosure
I’m pretty sure even top level players aren’t capable of measuring things like Flannery based on outcomes. Keep in mind that it comes up rarely, determining the counterfactual (what would have happened if they didn’t play their current methods) is very hard, they may not be fully ...
Flannery Disclosure
I would not read much into the number of pairs using a convention. These things often tend to follow “fads” which are frequently driven by people emulating one or two successful pairs. There was a boom in the US in people playing 10-12 NT when Meckwell were playing it and ...
Is this Lavinthal?
Looking at the responses above, we already have people saying this is: 1. Suit preference (and discussing whether that should be called Lavinthal). 2. Count. 3. Attitude, saying to continue spades. 4. Attitude, but mostly saying "don't switch to clubs." The real message here would seem to be that ...
Reasons For Results
Amusing note here... how does declarer play the hearts? Seems obvious to play heart to king or queen and West either wins or ducks. Next round declarer must play to the eight or else lose two heart tricks. Of course this is obvious if East would never play jack from ...
After 1m-1H with a balanced minimum hand?
You missed a few gains for rebidding 1 with four: 1. If responder is weak with 3-card spades, you reach a better partial (1). 2. If opener is weak in the fourth suit, you can right-side a 3NT contract. 3. If responder has 4 and opener rebids ...
A list of "Just bridge" situations
Suppose your opponents are from China and have always played Precision. Most of their opponents play Precision too. In Precision you don’t have to “make up” suits in order to show a GF opening since such hands open 1. So opponents may have no idea that 1-1 ...
A list of "Just bridge" situations
Sure, but general approach can usually be asked. Something that might fall into "just bridge" is which suit gets opened with various (4432) patterns and a strong notrump. My impression is that there are rather complicated rules/tendencies about suit quality that might be "just bridge" for good British players ...
A list of "Just bridge" situations
Moving from one country to another has reinforced how much of “just bridge” is regional knowledge. Even without explicit discussion, people from the same place will often agree. But it’s not really fair to call this “just bridge.” An example for me is the occasional 5-card weak two, which ...
The cost of a bridge game
Zürich is CHF 15 ($15) for non-members and CHF 13 ($13) for members. The membership fee is also quite high (I think about CHF200/year). Of course this is Switzerland and everything is expensive! However the clubs do offer cash prizes for the top few places (usually winning is a ...
Good/ bad 2NT or Scramble?
I'd prefer Lebensohl here; I don't play what most people call good/bad. It's interesting what people say about scrambling when responding to a takeout double when one of the standard Lebensohl situations is 2-Dbl-Pass... As far as this situation goes, the hand where you want ...

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