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Adam Meyerson
Adam Meyerson
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March 14, 2011
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Elianna Meyerson, Samuel Ieong, Howard Liu, Josh Sher, Li-Chung Chen
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Meyerson, Zirconia, Gazzilli
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Sapphire Life Master
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Responding To 1NT - A Fresh Perspective
We used to play the Ron Klinger "transfer splinter" approach. The problem with this is that it creates some asymmetries between suits of the same rank; what I mean is that: 3 = short clubs needs to be clear on which four card major(s) are held 3 = short ...
Responding To 1NT - A Fresh Perspective
This has some similarities to what Sam and I play. Some of the differences: 1. We've found that with hand types like 4153, it's better to describe them as "four spades, short hearts" rather than as "four spades, five-plus diamonds." The reason is that the shortness is really ...
Gazilli feedback from those who have played it
Elianna and I do in fact play “strong or hearts” after 1 openings. Our full rebids are: 2 17+ HCP or 4+ 2 natural limited 2 6+; opener may bid again with 14-16 (need extra shape if 14) 2 4+ limited 2N ...
Gazilli feedback from those who have played it
One of the big advantages of Gazzilli which is lost in the “strong or 6M” structures above is the ability to play 2M with 17-18 opposite 5-6. The auction goes something like: 1M-1NT 2 (clubs or strong) - 2M (not enough for game opposite min strong option, 2M) Playing standard ...
Bidding over a weak 2S
I think people overrate the importance of suit quality here. The scenario you describe is basically impossible — for partner to be forced into a slam decision opponents must raise. This means partner has short spades, weak diamonds (since I have all the diamonds) and weak clubs. There just isn’t ...
Bidding over a weak 2S
In a series of polls I presented this hand: Kx Qx AKJx Jxxxx Again over a 2 opening. At the table I bid 3 and reached an easy slam. In the poll almost everyone passed. The auction continued with 4 and double from partner, but at this ...
Threshold to Double Weak NT with a Balanced Hand
I feel like your expectations of partner are very different from mine. In particular: 1. I'd expect that balancing over a weak notrump shows a max passed hand here, and would routinely be looking for game on even 13-14 high opposite such a balancing call. That being the case ...
Threshold to Double Weak NT with a Balanced Hand
This is MP scoring though, and most of the field doesn't play weak notrump. If you pass and let the contract through by making the wrong lead, your MP score is likely to be pretty lousy anyway... seems to me this suggests doubling (in case you make the right ...
Threshold to Double Weak NT with a Balanced Hand
My usual agreement is 15+ but with a very flat hand and a passed partner I think I’d want the king here.
Adam Meyerson's bidding problem: K4 Q6 AKJ7 J7652
Partner’s hand was: x AKxx Qxx AKTxx Clubs were not 3-0 offside and there were no red suit voids so 6 makes (6NT makes also). On the layout 4 would go for 800 (better than five clubs but still losing a lot to six).

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