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Adam Meyerson
Adam Meyerson
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March 14, 2011
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Elianna Meyerson, Samuel Ieong, Howard Liu, Josh Sher, Li-Chung Chen
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Bridge Corner (Zurich)
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Meyerson, Zirconia, Gazzilli
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Sapphire Life Master
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Need help defending against Precision 1!D
I’ve never encountered anyone who has an opening that shows 5-5 in the majors. Somehow it seems like this is not worth devoting a bid to. Yet so many people think it’s so critical to have an overcall showing this hand type that they’re willing to sacrifice ...
MULTI 2D Responses
With a non-GF minor suit hand, we pass 2 or bid 2M in the major we can tolerate followed by 3m. We don't really have a way to force game in a minor, but this is rarely a big problem (we will usually end in 3NT anyway). It ...
MULTI 2D Responses
Here's what we've been using: Pass = long diamonds or can be any very weak at NV 2M = "pass if this is your major"; does not necessarily imply a fit for the other major 3M, 4M = pass/correct 4 = transfer to your suit, 4 = bid your suit ...
Best defense against Big Club?
The problem is not “what do responders bids mean” — any half decent partnership will know this, and using double as takeout of the one suited option is quite normal. The problem is the meaning of bids later in the auction. If responder bid a natural suit, or responder doubled and ...
Best defense against Big Club?
Ian: I think you're missing the key aspect of Psycho Suction, which is that direct overcalls are VERY non-forcing. If responder passes he will often not get another chance to bid, and if overcaller has the two-suited option it's quite possible that BOTH opener and responder have too ...
Alec Fettes's bidding problem: 974 J963 AK 8542
Clear to bid on, but I feel like slam should be in the picture here. Partner could have for example Ax AKQxx QJxxx x? Or a wide range of 5-6 hands? A 5 call here should convey that I have a diamond control and some interest, and I’ll ...
Best defense against Big Club?
As a strong club player, I like to see any of the following on my opponents card: 1. Frequent calls of X,1 that are ambiguous about the suit(s) held. These calls give us MORE space and also help us in the play. Why are you even bidding ...
Raising an invitational bid
I think there are a few exceptions here. The ones that come to mind: 1. If the opponents act over the limited call, a raise is strictly competitive (typically more than the minimum number of trumps and/or extra shape, but not really invitational). Examples include your 1-dbl-1-1 ...
Dummy Gets Tapped
While one hand proves nothing, double followed by double collects an easy +500 here if partner leaves it in. This is a better score than 4 or 5 making and a much better score than the table result of 4-1.
Do bridgeplayers LIKE conventions?
If NS were not playing that Stayman convention it’s easy to imagine 1nt-2nt-3nt going two down on a heart lead? Even three down is possible. So I guess reaching 4 was a success even if they couldn’t play the cards well enough to make it. People do ...

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