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Adam Meyerson
Adam Meyerson
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March 14, 2011
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about me

American expat in Switzerland. Some top-10 finishes in NABC events. Now playing in the top division of both Swiss and German leagues. Developed some unusual treatments and systems (Meyerson, Zirconia, IMPrecision). Might be a better bridge player if I didn't work full time as a software engineer.


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Regular Bridge Partners
Elianna Meyerson, Samuel Ieong, Howard Liu, Josh Sher, Li-Chung Chen
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Bridge Corner (Zurich), Karo 10 (Böblingen)
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Meyerson, Zirconia, Gazzilli
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Sapphire Life Master
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"Hottest" Debates Among Bridge Experts Today?
Here are a few related ones: 1. When should opener raise a major-suit response with only three cards (1-1-2?)? 2. What should opener rebid with a pattern like 1453 after 1-1?
Follow up to XYZ invite sequence
There are a couple styles around the 1nt bid: 1. Opener always has 2-3 and would never raise spades on three with a balanced hand. 2. Opener has 1-3 (including 1435/1345 for example) but would often raise spades on three with a suit-oriented balanced hand. In style ...
Double on bergen/mixed raise
I prefer takeout of the mixed raise, but lead directional against the invitational raise.
Anyone for going back to the old Fall schedule or moving the Reisinger to the first weekend of the tournament?
I wouldn't read anything into the first time the event is held. There are always lots of people who want to play in the inaugural instance of a new major event. The longer-term question is how many of the strong players in the Soloway would: 1. Attend fewer NABCs ...
A Spade-Double inversion
I think this has a lot of merit at the two level, where you gain a lot of flexibility on advancers hands with four (only) spades and where you’re basically never converting a responsive double. At the three level I don’t like it though — the missed opportunity to ...
Treatments in Association with Forcing New Suit Advances of One-Level Overcalls: Part III
Just establishing a force. Could be looking for a real stopper, could be looking for alternate strains.
Treatments in Association with Forcing New Suit Advances of One-Level Overcalls: Part III
With around 13-14 raise 1nt to 2nt, with 15 likely bid game. Two of openers minor is available as a check back of sorts.
Treatments in Association with Forcing New Suit Advances of One-Level Overcalls: Part III
I'm not sure what the point of these posts is, since it seems considerably more complicated to me to play non-forcing advances. Here's what I usually do after the given auction of (1m)-1-(P)-1-(P): 1nt = balanced or nearly so, usually has a stopper ...
Bad bidding practices that you nevertheless see many long-time players engage in
Thanks for a link to a very interesting read on 4-card majors. There are a number of points in the article I disagree with, but I’ll focus on two. 1. Some of the advantages for four card majors read as though a 1m opening nearly denies a major (for ...
Rating Study from ACBL Tournaments
It seems a bit problematic that this rating system ignores "strength of field" in the context of pairs events. The worst case is an event where you somehow have all the strong pairs sitting the same direction. Then the strong pairs are "expected" to get a high matchpoint score every ...

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