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Adam Parrish
Adam Parrish
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Jan. 27, 2011
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about me

Bridge player/teacher/writer and Bridge Winners admin. When not playing bridge I'm writing plays. Or more accurately procrastinating, telling myself I should be working on a play. I live on Cape Cod and am on the boards of EMBA (Unit 108), District 25, and New England Youth Bridge (

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Watching partner play 5C with an 8-4 trump split.
Bridge Accomplishments
A few top 10s, including 4th in Wernher Pairs with a frisky 14-year-old.
Regular Bridge Partners
No one who plays bridge can be considered "regular."
Favorite Tournaments
Favorite Conventions
Exclusion (see above)
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ACBL Ranking
Sapphire Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
What are your agreements?
I would keep a "systems on" approach. 2NT shows a positional spade stopper that wants to declare whatever contract you get to; opener now can use Stayman, Transfers, whatever. Since there's only one major in play, after Stayman you could define 3 and/or 3N as showing 5 ...
Becoming a Bridge Player
Here's a pretty comprehensive glossary:
Show or ask?
Unfortunately it's the sort of bid partner and I were both so sure had a "standard" meaning we had never bothered discussing it. Of course our understanding of "standard" was different.
Show or ask?
The RKB follow-ups are what I was interested in, not the earlier auction. But let me give an example hand just for the sake of it: AKQJxxxx x AQJT x. Hearing partner control-bid diamonds which could be a singleton isn't helpful. I want to find two aces and then ...
Feedback for Convention Chart
I'll register another vote for transfer opening bids. I don't know or care much about MOSCITO, but transfer opening bids seem to have a lot of merit, and not being allowed to play them is going to put the US behind the rest of the world. Sitting down ...
Feedback for Convention Chart
I'll add another vote for not changing the fairly standard notation of "=" for specific shapes and "-" for general ones.
Barometer Scoring For Pair Events
I think barometer scoring negates a legitimate bridge skill -- assessing your relative performance before scores are published -- and leads to wild actions by pairs out of contention as the event concludes. Neither of these is desirable, IMO.
NICKELL Wins Senior Knockout
Obviously Meckwell and Bramley-Hamman have no business being in this event; they've only won it a combined 10 times. They would have been underdogs to qualify for day 2, and the event is worse for their being in it. Come on.
BOG Motions in Orlando - Linda Trent
Am I the only one who doesn't particularly like brand-new cards? They're better than old, sticky ones, but they're slippery. IMO cards, like shoes, are best once they've been broken in a little bit. New cards for every NABC seems ridiculous, both from an economic and ...

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