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Adam Portley
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Another Look at Walter Avarelli
edit - oh, I see my mistake now. never mind
Another Look at Walter Avarelli
Pretty sure I'm missing something, but why is #2 so obvious? It looks like a straight-up guess.
Earning your Average in Platinum Pairs
Was the 4 discard a mistake? If you lead K now, can't they just win and return a heart? With the play as given it seems better to play West for the ace of hearts and East for Jx or Tx. Run the spade winners pitching diamonds from dummy ...
A Hand from the USBF Mixed Teams QF
"Partner, looking at Qxx in trumps, should always ask for another heart." Wouldn't that tip declarer off about the Q?
Mobile Bridge Problems App Design
The lichess app is worth a look (and open source).
In the Well: Eddie Wold
Hi Eddie, thanks for being in the well! I remember reading in connection with the Rosencranz kidnapping that you knew the kidnapper pretty well. Is that right? Did he ever do anything to make you think he was capable of a serious crime? And why do you think he did ...
In the Well: Geoff Hampson
Hi Geoff - I was wondering about the amount of randomness in high-level matches. For the matches that Diamond plays against other top teams in the trials and the later rounds of national events, do you think most are determined by one team outplaying the other or do you think it ...
Is restricted choice ever wrong
What's your continuation when the heart finesse wins and LHO shows out?
An "offbeat incident"
Hi Marvin, I read the editorial but did not see anything calling into question your character or motives - certainly nothing calling you a liar or buffoon or implying that you falsified the report. If anything the takeaway was that people should know the rules and report irregularities just as you ...
Pulling of responder 1NT: part 1
I think the problems are getting a level higher when you have an intermediate hand, blabbing your hand type to the opening leader when you have a minimum hand, and helping the ops in deciding whether or not to compete/balance over 2.

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