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March 27, 2014
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Is diamonds lead obligatory?
Dear Frances, there is a relatively straightforward answer to both of your queries: Andrzej is an amateur bridge player who strives to propose certain pseudo-scientific theories involving statistics and game theory (or rather terminology of these two disciplines) to analyse concrete boards. He is well-known for such activity on the ...
BZ match against Turkey EBTC 2014. Crowd-source volunteers wanted to watch videos and record gestures.
A clarification: Michał Rosa is not, and never has been an active (not too mention recognised) member of the Polish bridge community, and his statements should not be in any way viewed as representing views of a significant group of Polish bridge players. He might be a lawyer though; the ...
The Videos Shout: Balicki-Zmudzinski
Tom: definitely lost in translation, your statement was perfectly clear.
PBU President's statement
This is actually very easy to understand. Recreational bridge has practically never been played in clubs, and restricted to private, home based rubber games. An average club game in a mid-size town will be much more competitive (with all its positiv and negative consequences) than say in the UK.
PBU President's statement
To all those who condemn the statement (which has been by the way criticised by quite a few Polish players) - please bear in mind that the summary of Mr Kliś has very little to do with actual content. I would strongly support the call of Michał Rosa to delete the ...
Balicki/Zmudzinski Trigger/Response
Congratulations, Mr Hammond. Congratulations, Boye Brogeland.
Ethics, what is allowed?
Definitely ethical, I do not see any issue here (the matter of the hand presented by Joanna is completely different). There are various reasons for which one could consider bidding (3NT anyone?), those who would like to ban `thinking without points' seem to follow the lowest club denominator.
It is even nicer (especially at a high level bridge!) to have an efficient method of falsecarding as a defender at the same time passing the correct information to the partner.
Double-dipping on opponents' misunderstanding
Of course, this was what actually happened in the BB semifinal. I am not sure what the TD's decision was (probably the result stood - the `misinformation' was also somewhat less clear, as the actual explanation was `no agreements'), but he/she was definitely called.
Prediction of B-Z hands
The last statement makes perfect sense. It might be difficult to do - but if only possible, that (ie asking Robin to analyse a `fresh' set of boards without knowing the hands and provide the list of signals) would give a very powerful argument. To either side of the debate.

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