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Appeal from Kansas City
After reading Tim Goodwin's post, I re-read the OP and found the following sentence: Now North knows that West has hearts and he wouldn't bid them. So I assume N did bid a natural 2 over 2. If N knew 2 was a transfer to ...
Appeal from Kansas City
I don't understand what LA has anything to do with the ruling here. There is no UI here and E is free to bid whatever he wants. Now if he actually forgot 2 was a transfer, then there might be a problem (MI maybe). But the OP seems ...
Appeal from Kansas City
East knew 2 showed and chose to bid 3NT (very reasonable based on his almost-solid club suit and side A's). He didn't alert 2 because he thought a cue-bid is not alertable except when it is natural (I happen to think so too and I ...
Improving the Seeding Process
In the round of 64, the teams seeded 1-16 can choose their opponents from teams seeded 49-64. Or we can make it more granular: 1-8 can pick 57-64 and 9-16 can pick 49-56.
Another UI problem?
Mr. Lakowske, Just because I think Marc made a bid that could have been influenced by the UI does not mean everyone thinks the same way. David Burn thinks 2 is obvious! That's why I posted this to let everyone chime in to opine on the bidding and ...
Another UI problem?
Perhaps I should rephrase the words: Gain advantage from the UI instead of taking advantage of the UI. You said you were trying to find a bid after partner failed to alert 2 which suggests you probably didn't know what the correct bid was ethically. Did 1 ...
Danailov-Stamatov Win Cavendish Pairs
+1. If you don't want to congratulate them for some reason, just don't say anything. I sincerely hope there is not any sinister motive behind this.
Shout Out for Active Ethics
I think this makes sense. A double asking for the lead of a specific suit or an anti-lead double needs to be alerted right away as this affects the bidding decision of the opponents tremendously. Delayed alert after the opponents already made the wrong bidding decision due to lack of ...
Shout Out for Active Ethics
It didn't sound like there was a delayed alert either as the conventional meaning of the double was disclosed in the hallway after the match.
Shout Out for Active Ethics
Shouldn't the double be alerted if it was conventional?
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