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Dec. 20, 2010
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Feb. 20, 2017
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lightner X of 3NT = first or 2nd suit bid by dummy ?
For the specific sequence and I think for many others, it makes most sense for the double to ask for the 2nd bid suit. On frequency grounds it makes more sense for the double to ask for a club lead. Usually the opener has 5 diamonds and the odds that ...
Estoril Bridge Festival. Need a player for open teams
Kenneth, I am based in Lisbon now. I cannot play myself but can ask around this evening at the Centro de Bridge Lisboa if you want me to do that. Let me know if that is helpful.
Batting at the Bermuda Bowl - 2
Yes that's right. It is just the argument you were giving
Batting at the Bermuda Bowl - 2
There is a way of "verbally calculating" or at least of generalising the argument Sartaj Hans gives above. If we are picking r things from n, nCr, the number of ways of doing it is the number of ways that include the first one plus the number of ways that ...
Lead problem: Harvesting Thin Value
I'm the only one to go for the D lead, so I'll give my "reason". I am expecting that dummy will go down with a void and a solid suit. I am hoping that these are both black suits and that my diamond lead will knock out his ...
X or 4S?
I did a nonscientific simulation on this problem. This suggested the following strategy for the bidding. North makes a takeout double with the intention of bidding RKCB over 4S and of raising 5 of either minor to 6. South should bid 4S whenever he has 4. He should pass the ...
Bridge Winners 2.0 Launch
When I press PageDown on this page, at least one message I have not yet seen disappears under the banner at the top of the page so that I have to scroll back up to see it. It could be that this is an issue with Firefox.
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