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Calling all Mathematicians: Specious Reasoning in Probability?
We Hope You Stay Home
This is exactly what I ended up doing with Cincinnati's Flying Pig Regional this year (KO starts on Tuesday and Thursday, Swisses on Wednesday and Friday). Saturday became a bit of a challenge, but we simply ran ANOTHER two-session Swiss (in addition to the one on Friday and the ...
Internet Hotel Marketing Affecting Room Guarantees In Hotel Contracts?
Yeah, this is a problem. You can't really handcuff the host hotel and not allow them to fill their rooms the last few weeks before the event, and especially if you don't fill your block as much as you (and the hotel) had hoped. I'm also wary ...
Gidwani is ACBL's Next CEO
Hi Amy, The BOD does conduct a lot of its business electronically, via Google Chat or Skype and the like. Most between-NABC Committee business is done remotely, and, as the ACBL Board newbie this year, I was surprised at the time demands of these Committees and related work. Still, digital ...
A New Ethics?
@Ed: "I have posted this law and the “established usage” so often that I've bookmarked my law book so I can find them quickly. I've also saved the above as a clipping, which if I remember I have it will let me post it even quicker. . . . Given how ...
A New Ethics?
@Ed: . . . not sure why you say that stating a line of play is a requirement. Under Rule 68(A), simply facing your cards, or somehow suggesting that play should end (a shrug of the shoulders, perhaps?), constitutes a claim. Whether the claim is valid is a separate question, but it ...
So Cool ... And Kind of Mean
I also start all my beginner students with Minibridge - it's a great way to get them actually PLAYING cards in the first lesson. I've reduced the rules of Minibridge to a quarter sheet of paper, with the Scoring on another quarter sheet. I print these out, laminate them ...
What do you open 32(23)44, 1NT excluded.
Yes -- In my beginner classes, I tell them to just open 1 with 4-4 minors and 1 with 3-3 minors so they don't have to spend any RAM figuring out how to make the decision when it comes up.
ACBL Sanction Fee Increases (Candy's Letter to ACBL with her permission)
The lack of direct club manager representation on the BOD is a glaring error, IMO. I would like to see the Gang of 9 consider that as an option, but I think I may be a little late in that party. I'll do what I can. As an aside ...
Origin of Swiss Teams
Scrolling downthread here: you get a little of the history of the introduction of Swiss teams in bridge. Marc Low organized the first Swiss teams at a Cincinnati sectional sometime in the mid-1960s . . . . Marc is well into his 80s and still sharp as a ...

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