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Al Hollander
Al Hollander
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June 20, 2010
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Bridge Player

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getting harry goldwater to laugh when opp called director on me
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bbo vugraph commentator, extensive library
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none this millenium
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none this millenium
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big club, relay, transfer/flip-flop in non-nt
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Silver Life Master
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Assign the blame, history question
I thought You Be The Judge was a great mechanism for learning. One key often missed in the "who's to blame" approach is that the answer maybe - both. So, YBTJ assessed a % blame to each. Another key often missed - YBTJ then assigned "worst bid" i.e. the one from ...
Anyone for going back to the old Fall schedule or moving the Reisinger to the first weekend of the tournament?
how about examining the premise that only the order of the events can be adjusted. there are just too many concurrent and/or overlapping events, so why not try something analogous to the world championships where odd years offer different events than even years. for instance (think of options rather ...
Soloway KO 1st Day Results
my bad re: # rounds played -- there IS a column heading "-Round x -" just below the blue frame would be nice if LeaderBoard had qualification of "LeaderBoard after Round x of y"
Soloway KO 1st Day Results
did you just know that or am i missing how to get the information from the web page? (yes, i could count the number of boxes for a given team to figure out how many rounds played - but if that is the only way, the software needs work)
Soloway KO 1st Day Results
am i supposed to be able to look at ACBL Live page to find the answers to: 1) quickly determine many rounds have been played pre-alert: i am sure i can hunt for CoC to answer #2, but feel compelled to ask 2) identify how many rounds will be played
Soloway KO 1st Day Results
there is also a link at top of page, just below the date, to "LeaderBoard" i must confess that i did not notice that until i: * could not just find a display of team rosters * struggled thru the default display that is not a format i would choose
Infernal Machine Lite (2021 beta test)
for European Championships probably better chance with England's Bridge Magazine or British Bridge World
Infernal Machine Lite (2021 beta test)
Paul, I do have a copy, and remember reading the Nail-Stucker book. Unfortunately, I have never seen either of Bianchi's books - only the monograph that Edgar Kaplan wrote about the system. Otherwise i would not have waffled :) the first entry in Bianchi's WBF bio shows a silver medal ...
Infernal Machine Lite (2021 beta test)
Paul - I'm pretty sure that the Italian "Leghorn Diamond" came before the Nail system
Odd-Even and Encrypted Signals
My fuzzy recall is that at least the ACBL outlawed encrypted signals soon after the Vinje book(s) became available - because of the Vinje encryption being known only to the defenders That would imply that Bruce was given wrong information by the ACBL. Would not be the first time that ...

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