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Al Hollander
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June 20, 2010
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getting harry goldwater to laugh when opp called director on me
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bbo vugraph commentator, extensive library
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none this millenium
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none this millenium
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big club, relay, transfer/flip-flop in non-nt
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Silver Life Master
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Religious Restrictions and our Conditions of Contest
Marty - no pun intended, but can you help me understand how use of bidding boxes is kosher, but use of pen/pencil is not? I wondered about this during the 2019 USBCs and then again during the recent Collegiate event in Sodom Nevada
Religious Restrictions and our Conditions of Contest
I like Adam's idea that we enlist some of the players to confer with their religious leader(s) to see if there is an approach that we heathens cannot imagine. Perhaps their ability to get a dispensation just postpones a secular solution - but it couldn't hoit...i mean ...
Religious Restrictions and our Conditions of Contest
Adam - how about "dispensation"?
Religious Restrictions and our Conditions of Contest
agree - arriving early is a non-issue and the financial aspect of doing so was addressed in LV my question hopefully focuses on arriving later, with less time to acclimate. i could not recall if USBF representatives have the option to forgo the allotted number of days in order to hopefully ...
Religious Restrictions and our Conditions of Contest
tangential issue from something that was discussed/voted on in Las Vegas -- what if the religious stance means player(s) won't travel on a particular day so that arrival at venue timezone is delayed beyond the recommended (or does USBF say this is obligatory?) number of days to acclimate ...
Which Bridge World issue was it in?
March 2009 versus Tom Townsend-David Gold
VOTE on Tardiness Penalty
Danny You comment focuses on GIVING partnership information. What about RECEIVING information? i.e. 2nd player arrives at start time, so the clock is running a) is that person allowed to ask questions that have already been answered and/or new questions? b) is the partner who arrived 5 minutes ...
System Filing for Late-Added Pairs
the final paragraph is thought-provoking. however, isn't the situation of a potential pair looking for a team less likely than a team adding a late pair/player? the posted deadline for submission of SSF/CC is much more likely to be a factor in that latter case.
System Filing for Late-Added Pairs
as a non-player who believes in full disclosure, i am curious as to how the "early entry date"* a) is bad for the players b) is a convenience "minimally, at that" for the organizer rather than a necessary time span for organizers, participants and even viewers * are you referring to ...
Brink-Drijver become Swiss
final bulletin from Istanbul

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