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Al Hollander
Al Hollander
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June 20, 2010
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getting harry goldwater to laugh when opp called director on me
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bbo vugraph commentator, extensive library
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none this millenium
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none this millenium
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big club, relay, transfer/flip-flop in non-nt
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Silver Life Master
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Three sets of Bridge magazines for sale, each from issue 1 onward
apologies to Adam for digressing after figuring out FPAB = Foundation for the Preservation and Advancement of Bridge, i was reminded of: after being discharged from the navy in 1981, I thought the drive from Norfolk, Virginia to Chicago should be made via Memphis so that i could spend time at ...
VOTE on VP Penalty for both teams in Round Robin match that finishes late
i never know when a sports analogy is supposed to be used to support versus shoot down a bridge idea, so how about something from the world of physics Einstein started with the Special Theory of Relativity and followed later with the General Theory of Relativity. It seems to me ...
VOTE on VP Penalty for both teams in Round Robin match that finishes late
re: Tom's scenario where RR match ends on time via pulled board(s) teams from other matches may not have experienced enjoyment damage, but the VP totals may have been different had all boards generated a result. it seems to me that "no penalty" for this situation is the ...
VOTE on VP Penalty for both teams in Round Robin match that finishes late
some of what follows ties in with comments from both Chris and Tom [i]note to bridgewinners - it would help if new entries were enumerated to facilitate references[/i] [u]time & SSFs[/u] one approach could be * after clock has started, time spent by partnership re: defense against items that ...
Are partnership agreements & "inferences " thereto, alert able in ACBLand?
ACBL has always had conflicting advertisement about the intent of, and their implementation/support of "full" disclosure [i]that is not a compliment[/i] unfortunately, further examples are too numerous to count
VOTE on VP Penalty for both teams in Round Robin match that finishes late
this goes a lot further than anything i had considered so time is needed to digest. for now: #2 is this supposed to be seating vs seeding? i can actually imagine both factoring into the algorithm #4 there is potential here for the penalty to occur at such a time ...
VOTE on VP Penalty for both teams in Round Robin match that finishes late
on the assumption that in each case it is not possible to assign blame to a specific pair: is this 1-bite specific to PAIRS, or does each PLAYER get flagged? thinking of the case where 6 players do not make up 3 fixed partnerships - and might give documented evidence of ...
VOTE on eliminating sequestering in final 2 or 3 Round Robin matches
playing devil's advocate The USBC is identifying teams to play in a specific WBF event. What does the WBF do in this situation for that event? IF sequester applies, then the USBC decision to retain/reject should be based upon return-on-investment (is it worth the effort, confusion, email & postings ...
Check Yourself
or north bids 1N to show extras in balanced hand and south doubles 2 thinking it is stayman good time to play adjective bridge
VOTE on How to Break Ties in Knockout Stage Matches
to me #1 is an absolute and certainly must be part of Jan's motivation can #2 be addressed by changing the poll to breaking ties in rounds OTHER THAN the finals?

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