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Alan Applebaum
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Nov. 29, 2011
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16 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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8th in Reisinger; Have made round of 16 in Spingold; Made top 20 of Platinum Pairs 3 times (as of 1/1/14, one of only 7 players to do so).
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Walter Lee, Frank Merblum
Favorite Tournaments
Nationals in good tourist destinations; BBO robot games
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Foursomes - Another modest proposal for the GNT's
Indeed. Who exactly are these players, excommunicated from their preferred 5-6 baggers, that are going to form additional teams with people they didn't want to play with in the first place?
Foursomes - Another modest proposal for the GNT's
Heh. Going back 8 or 10 years, in D25 we used to have a regional KO event that held the final at 7:45 on Sunday morning (no, I am not making this up). I can assure you that on 5-6 player teams (which we almost always had) there was ...
Foursomes - Another modest proposal for the GNT's
To support a bigger variety of events, you need an expanding player base, not a shrinking player base such as we have (in the US at least).
GNT Format in District 25 (New England)
The 25-IMP limit is also fairly new. As I mentioned above, the KO matches used to be 64 boards and when they went to 32 boards, it did not initially occur to anyone that >25 IMPs is a pretty steep hill to climb over 32 boards. Interestingly, part of the ...
GNT Format in District 25 (New England)
This is because there was a perverse result a few years ago. The four qualifiers were teams A, B, C and D (in order of perceived strength). The order of finish in the round robin was C, A, B, D. C chose to play against B rather than D in ...
GNT Format in District 25 (New England)
D25 has had more than 10 teams in a number of recent years, even when all flights are the same weekend. Not too many players played in both Flight A and the top flight. I'll bet Jeff knows exactly how many! This format for the top flight has been ...
Foursomes - Another modest proposal for the GNT's
There were 10 teams in the D25 Open flight. Only two were 5-person. One of those, the national defending champs, did not go 4-handed only because one of their players was not available for one of the sessions. In any event, there is already a strong incentive to have 4-person ...
Gatlinburg Regional 2017
In contrast, if you live in southern New England and are willing to drive 3-4 hours, you can play in about 15 regionals a year.
Gatlinburg Regional 2017
I agree with Ed that the end of "bridge as we know it" is near. I agree with Peg (as I have said on several other threads) that it would be a good short-term move to reduce the number of F2F tournaments. The only caveat is that this would be ...
My dream bridge outing with Michael Rosenberg
Fascinating - not only have I had this dream multiple times, but I have been told by others that they have it too. A common variation is that you find the playing site, but wander endlessly up and down the aisles looking for your table.
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