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Alan Applebaum
Alan Applebaum
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Nov. 29, 2011
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3 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United States

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Bridge Accomplishments
8th in Reisinger; Have made round of 16 in Spingold; Made top 20 of Platinum Pairs 3 times (as of 1/1/14, one of only 7 players to do so).
Regular Bridge Partners
Geof Brod, Adam Grossack, Walter Lee, Frank Merblum
Favorite Tournaments
Nationals in good tourist destinations; BBO robot games
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Platinum Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
HANNA wins Mixed BAM; Grossacks win Fast Pairs
Let me be the first to congratulate my long-time partner Adam Grossack and his brother. It is also worthy of note that the Grossacks' team lost to Nickell by only 46 IMPs in the round of 64 of the Spingold. They both have bright futures in bridge.
Vegas NABC: Defending the Westgate
I second the comment about distance to the bathrooms. The music issue has occurred at other NABCs and may have been unavoidable as the hotel may not think of that while booking two different groups. However at the current NABC, the blame has to fall squarely on the tournament organizers ...
Vegas NABC: Defending the Westgate
We stayed at the Embassy Suites, just over half a mile down Paradise Road. Only $85 per night with a breakfast buffet included, no resort fee. The walk to the Westgate was quite bearable, and contrary to Adam Parrish's comment, it was not necessary to walk through the casino ...
GNT Rosters
Yes, Zach G is kind of slumming in Flight A. He already has logged the following: 1st 0-5000 6-session LM Pairs 2nd Silidor Pairs 4th Werhner Pairs 7th Mixed Pairs I don't believe he's reached his 17th birthday yet, but I could be wrong about that.
GIB Idiocy of the Year Award
Like Jim and Leo, I play a huge number of these games and I am very philosophical about it. The vast majority of the insane things the GIB does either can be prevented or will happen at most tables. I do recall GIB not leading an AK against 7NT, but ...
Vote Out Some Incumbent BOD Members
Allan cites that in the 1940s, 44% of all American households had at least one active bridge player. Now is the percentage of active US players who participate in the ACBL higher, or lower, than it was 70 years ago? Until we know that, we don't know whether the ...
ACBL Fall Nationals Schedule
I do find it more than a little strange that the Reisinger is the one and only event in ACBL-land to which the concept "too big" is ever applied. If a one-section final is desired and there are "too many" entries, just make it a four-day event and start a ...
Unfair Playing Conditions in Dallas
I was there for the entire tournament. Temperature was a problem just for a day or two. Water pressure was a problem throughout, both in the rooms and the playing area restrooms. As noted above, there seemed to be a lot more maintenance problems of various kinds than usual. Concessions ...
In my humble opinion, inverted minors work well only with 12-14 NTs. Then 1m-2m-2NT is GF, 15+ and you are not struggling to sort out range, shape AND stoppers all at the same time. I don't like to give up 1m-2m weak. If you do, you get two difficult ...
Belting People (if only we could....)
The ACBL's website contains a chart that indicates that if you are a "plain vanilla" Life Master you are only roughly the 60th percentile of the entire membership. The value of Life Master status is there for all to see. Years ago they dealt with this problem by creating ...
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