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Alan Applebaum
Alan Applebaum
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Nov. 29, 2011
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an hour ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Bridge Accomplishments
8th in Reisinger; Have made round of 16 in Spingold; Made top 20 of Platinum Pairs 3 times (as of 1/1/14, one of only 7 players to do so).
Regular Bridge Partners
Walter Lee, Frank Merblum
Favorite Tournaments
Nationals in good tourist destinations; BBO robot games
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Platinum Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Barry Crane Bidding System
Yes, Gary, I definitely remember this being called "Crane's Rule".
The Bridge World
I don't think I'd much enjoy being raked over the coals in YBTJ. Perhaps the actual "victims" were more thick-skinned.
The Bridge World
I also read the chess version before reading the bridge version. My reaction was that the author of the chess version should have gotten some credit in TBW. I wrote to Edgar saying this, and a few issues later, there was a statement from Ron Klinger that the bridge version ...
The Bridge World
No, I don't. Maybe nothing! Prior to starting his partnership with me he had been tutored by two professionals and another very experienced mentor. NO ONE even saw fit to mention TBW to him apparently.
The Bridge World
My guess is that TBW has the same "lost generation" problem that US bridge in general has. About 7 or 8 years ago I was mentoring a teenager who is now a national-level player. At the time I told him he should start reading TBW, he had already been playing ...
The Bridge World
I can't resist relating a true story from about 12 years ago. In the last round of a sectional Swiss, all my partner had to do to win us the event was pick up Axxxxxx opposite KJ for no losers. He played K, all followed low. He played J ...
The Bridge World
I thought "The Grosvenor Gambit" was the best article in the entire 40 years I subscribed. Several Frank Vine columns were great also. There is a separate compilation of those. Another classic was "We Should Have Won."
The Bridge World
Karen I am firmly in your camp. I subscribed for about 40 years but gave it up a few years ago. I still like print magazines but not the kind that cost a fortune because they cannot sell advertising. At any rate I liked the MSC, the humor articles and ...
Fantasy Bridge Camp, a modest proposal
I might be missing something here, but isn't just being a client capturing 90+% of the "Bridge Camp" experience?
The 2016 Online Points Race Heats Up Early On
I assume the purpose of Nat's post was to stimulate trash talk. Mission accomplished!
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