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Alan E. Popkin
Alan E. Popkin
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Feb. 22, 2012
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Dec. 11, 2017
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Bridge Stories and Jokes
There is an old story about Waldemar Von Zedwitz, a great player in the early days of competitive bridge . As his name indicated (and his heavy accent confirmed) he was a German national . Decades before bidding boxes, legend has it that during a match Von Zedwitz, in first chair opened ...
1NT with a Worthless Singleton
In a recent Regional A/X Swiss , our opponents opened a 15-17 Nt with a singleton 10 . They ended up with a result that determined the outcome of the match . After the next match the psycher boasted to me that he had beaten the best 4 teams and had psyched ...
In the Well: Brad Moss
Brad, Thx for your hard work and keen insights . The game of Bridge attracts many people because of it is multi-disciplined and multi-dimensional . It is played not only by experts but also by others around kitchen tables and in college dorms. It is non-denominational, color blind and provides a sanctuary ...
The Whole Story
Mike, I am a lawyer, a trial lawyer . That is my profession which I have pursued for over 50 years . I am proud of my profession and of my career . If some legal rag published a report that branded me as unethical and a cheat, I would be more than ...
Sure Profit or Shoot it out
That, obviously, is why it is a problem. If the North hand KNEW that they could double with no fear of opponents running out, this would be a non-problem. However, North knows: (1)Opponents bid 4 spades under pressure; and (2)Opponents spades are not exactly commanding; and (3)Opponents ...
Sure Profit or Shoot it out
I would have doubled and bid 5 hearts when opponents bid 5 diamonds. My partner made a thoughtful pass. BTW 5 diamonds makes and 5 hearts goes down one. 4 spades goes off 3.Sometimes your nose knows not.
Sure Profit or Shoot it out
The 4 Spade bidder held: AQ87x void K10xx Kxxx. He had a reasonably easy 4NT call and his partner would now bid 5 diamonds.Now what ?
A Bit Off
Looks to me that you wrong-sided the hand. Betty would have gotten it right!!! Nice hand thanks.
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