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Help please (1): Revolving Discards
Brett: I didn't think there would be too many Trekies on BW! I just thought that Balok looked a bit like me - although my wife doesn't agree. My face is, in fact, somewhat more rotund! I wouldn't say that I have a dual personality. I am a ...
Help please (2): How good are Strong 10s?
Kerry, Our leads are closer than you think! With both partners I play UDCA, but standard count in suits we've led. With Partner #2 I play Reverse Smith [NT] and Trump SP. I am expecting to move soon to A=Att, K=Count/Unblock, Q or lower: Rusinow. I ...
Help please (1): Revolving Discards
Thanks to everyone for the very helpful comments. I do like to accomodate my partners when I can. We have now agreed to play Odd - Revolving Even Discards!
Help please (2): How good are Strong 10s?
Thanks to everyone for the very helpful comments. I've told my partner I don't want to play Strong 10s!
Help please (2): How good are Strong 10s?
Kerry, Thank you for your helpful comments. My partners and I get our fair share of good/bad results and so I'm not looking for a magic wand. What I do want is good, sound agreements that I can play against both strong and weak opposition. Sometimes the opponents ...
The Language of Bridge by Kit Woolsey
I would be delighted to order the paperback edition (I don't like electronic) if it were not for the $25 cost of shipping to the UK - pity about that!
Anticipatory Responses
Kit: I have seen various schemes of control responses to 2. I would be grateful to know what you recommend, please.
Assess the blame (13)
Playing this hand as North, I raised South's 3 to 4 on the basis that he was likely to have a 5-card suit and, even if he didn't, a 7-card fit could still make game. Maybe the lower your standard the less likely you are to go ...
Can you find the Kings?
Thank you everyone for commenting on this post. While strong club systems are very efficient, I mainly play systems similar to SA (I'm in England). For the latter, it looks like Spiral Scan works effectively. Now all I have to do is persuade my regular partners to play Kickback ...
Can you find the Kings?
As Alvin says, I asked him to comment as I knew he advocates Spiral Scan and I wanted to compare methods used by experts for finding kings. I am very grateful for such a clear explanation.

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