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Alan Martin
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Aug. 28, 2015
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Diamonds (other minor) and an unspecified major
your on lead, you lead a A from AK, in a suit contract, dummy has a singleton
Richard: Do you think that Larry's method meets the requirement for events in England held under EBU rules? On page 27 of the current EBU Blue Book ( it says: 7F3 Dual meaning signals Dual meaning signals (when following suit ...
Can you bid this safely to 3NT?
John: That was what I usually did - bid to 3NT anyway. Looking at my results, I had come to the conclusion I was being too agressive in the bidding and that I would do better to tone it down. My results have improved but maybe I have swung to far ...
Can you bid this safely to 3NT?
15+ means 15 to 21(22) but, having opened at the 1-level, it could not be 8 tricks with Diamonds as trumps. It may be a wild idea, but I did wonder if North could bid 4 to show a stopper with the intention of playing in 4NT. However ...
Can you bid this safely to 3NT?
Because I've been caught out more than once before! We were not the only ones in Diamonds by any means. (Edit: Typo)
Can you bid this to a Grand Slam?
As South, I would have opened 1 and my partner would probably have bid a forcing 2. What puzzles me is why the experts missed the Grand.
How do you bid this to a Grand Slam?
Yes, but would you bid RKC with a void?
How do you bid this slam?
Ian - Welcome back! Long time no see!! I thought only old-timers played Gerber in suit contracts. 4 in that auction would be a control bid in my partnership.
How do you bid this slam?
South thinks North has 4+ diamonds and the 3 bid does not promise 6 hearts. The 5 bid does promise 6 hearts. Yes, I would have been happier had South bid 4.
How do you bid this slam?
David: Yes. My partner won't play any form of Drury.

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