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Alan Martin
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Aug. 28, 2015
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The Death of Teams
Selection Problems
You have shoes?? :)
Selection Problems
"But then, if I were English..." What exactly do you mean by this?
Selection Problems
I am a not-disinterested 'rank & file' member of the EBU. Perhaps I should also 'confess' that I watch international matches on BBO as well as the play in the Vanderbilt etc, etc. I'm a former member of a couple of similar organisations in another field in the UK, one ...
Wrong Alert of a Bid
Yes. 3 is Puppet Stayman and 3NT is the system bid. Good job I failed to persuade my partner to play Muppet!
Wrong Alert of a Bid
Ed, Would you say that it would be obvious that the bidding had gone off the rails if I had alerted 3 and then had to explain 3 was Puppet Stayman? A Big Thank You for all your very helpful comments - very much appreciated! You can see that ...
BIT - Who is right?
Double dummy, EW can make 4NT or 5. Two pairs were in 3NT, one just making and the other +2. Three pairs were in 5, one just making and the other two were down 1. Another pair was in 4 making +1.
Wrong Alert of a Bid
Yu, While I didn't alert my partner's 3 (I was somewhat shocked!), in our system it is Puppet Stayman. My 3NT bid was in even tempo and was the right reply.
Wrong Alert of a Bid
David, I am 3=3=4=3 (17hcp) and my partner is 5=1=2=5 (9hcp). So you are saying that we should bid on to 5/6/7 while everybody at the table knows the wheels have come off the bidding? If so, once the ...
Wrong Alert of a Bid
Rosalind/Jeff/Michael: I had a 17hcp balanced hand without a 4-card or 5-card Major. We play Puppet and I would re-bid 3nt over 3 Puppet. So you are saying that I should have alerted 3 and if asked said it was Puppet Stayman? That might raise an ...

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