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Alan Powell
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June 11, 2018
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Co-owner of Essex Bridge Center in Livingston NJ.

United States of America

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Owner of Essex Bridge Center, Livingston NJ
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Ruby Life Master
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Paper or plastic?
I checked a random sample of Kings of Clubs and the border is equidistant from the top and bottom edges. I checked with my board making staff and they report never having had an issue with the King of Clubs. Maybe they can do something on the dealer4 side when ...
Paper or plastic?
We use the bridge buddy decks .33 decks and dealer 4 without an issue with the club kings. I will make a random check of my current decks to see if the printing flaw occurs or not. Maybe you just have a bad batch? I have been through 1500+ in ...
A 'Bridge Center' Organization
What if one person bought out all the individual sanction holders, would they still reap the benefits of Unit subsidized equipment and space? (This is an academic question and should in no way be construed as an offer on my part.)
A 'Bridge Center' Organization
Are you measuring tables played in a zip code by just using the zip code of the bridge club or by actually crunching the data of players from each zip code regardless at which club they played?
ACBL Live for Clubs posting problem
Since the common game is the only difference, does the monday night director take the option in ACBL Live to post on the common game as well? Check that all the directors have the same options chosen on their ACBL Live account.
Bridge club furnishings
Good tables last a long time. Chairs are a whole different issue. I don't have a single chair left that I started with 25 years ago. I have 95% of the wooden tables I started with plus the above tables which replaced metal folding tables along the way.
Bridge club furnishings
Those side tables are nice, I may have to replace some of my old tired ones with them. The purse storage shelf is very important. It reduces trip hazards and clutter.
Bridge club furnishings
I have 10-15 of these which have been in use for 15+ years without many issues. I think I have lost 1-2 to damage over the years. Easy enough to clean and ...
How Does Your Club Handle Director Pay, Recruiting, Partnerships, etc?
The local unit runs double KO's which occasionally are held at the club, but the club itself has not sponsored double KO's during my tenure as a player or owner.(almost 30 years now) Each year we hold a party with lunch on New Years Day in the ...
How Does Your Club Handle Director Pay, Recruiting, Partnerships, etc?
1. By the Game 2. N/A I staff both games with directors 3. Yes 4. We publish a monthly calendar. We post special events on the website and on the white board at the club. We do a Blast email a couple times a month with the special events ...
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