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Low Road
My point is the benefit of these methods is to be able to show invitational plus values immediately in a particular suit, being able to make a TO dbl with 4-4 and be able to play jumps as weak, not invitational. All you are giving up is the ability to ...
Low Road
I like to play X of 1S is takeout. Lower cue is invitational + in lower of 2 remaining suits. Higher cue is invitational + in higher of 2 remaining suits. Jumps are weak. I changed from X of 1S being penalty as psyching in this sequence seems to be occurring less ...
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: 7xxx T9xxx Kx Tx
I would bid 2D if I can bar pard from bidding again, but since I can't I pass 2C as I know 2D isn't getting passed out.
Should have agreement in your partnership Traditionally both were penalty but more are now playing both dbls as takeout. Whatever you agree, they should either be both penalty or both takeout, not one of each.
The Adventures of Mrs. I. Fixum
Everyone has been fixed so I will give you one that just happened in the BBO ACBL game. Opener had a 4-4-3-2 16 count, opens 1D. Responder has a 2-4-2-5 12 count responds 2C. Opener bids 3NT. Hearts 4-1 offsides, club finesse on.
Toronto NABC NEW hotel. Just $149 CDN ($111-112 US) plus taxes
Many years ago(think last time the 2001 Nationals) we used to stay at the Grange hotel. It had cooking facilities, free parking, and reasonably clean. We walked both ways, about 25 min and seemed safe then. I see the name has changed to Studio 6(nothing to do with ...
Danger Hand First
Why not dbl 3D? You have poor spade spots with the auction suggesting a likely bad break, and controls. Even if they have 8 trumps, the law says we are getting a decent number if we make game. If pard has close to the weakest possible diamond holding and good ...
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: KT32 753 AQJT T9
An obvious 4S bid now, and an obvious 1D opener in 3rd seat.
Best Line to limit Trump suit losers to one
Go to Put in KJxx for "missing cards" Check off the boxes that different plays win. Using this, Cashing the Ace: 82.782% Running Q followed by 2nd hook: 75.999%
Suggestions on books on probability calculation
Not a book but this site is good for determining the best play in a single suit.
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