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April 29, 2013
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Alan Schwartz's lead problem: QT AJ852 J4 KQT3
Richard, that was Frank's point. I wanted to see how many agree.
Necessary Shift
I would think game chances are small. Pard needs spade shortness with heart length which seems unlikely, only possible if West has a weak 3 card raise. If East has extra length spade length, hearts probably won't play well with a spade lead through dummy. Obviously on this hand ...
Necessary Shift
Kit, what is your opinion of the dbl of 1NT? I wouldn't have found it vul at IMPs.
Orlando Team Schedule Revisions
So after you pay the large fee to play in the Rosenblum and you get eliminated in the Swiss phase, you have to pay a new fee to play the Open Pairs or continue to use your Rosenblum fee to play the Consolation?
Should include an option for 5H in the poll. It seems useful to play 2H NF with 5S and (4 or 5H)as you have 2D to force. If 4 hearts should be strong enough to play a 4-3 or game interest if pard has 4.
You be the judge(classier than ATB I think)
NS must have an agreement to open hands that are not opening bids to possibly justify S's final pass. N might bid 3C to bid out his shape. But any hand thats close to an opening bid with known heart shortness is worth a slam force.
Minimum for 2S
You have to be prepared for pard to have a good hand with only 3S or even 2 if too strong to overcall 1NT(not likely this hand). Thus I would say 4-6 HCP. With less pard should be able to bid again if it goes P P P.
Early Decision
Kit, you wrote that bids are natural after pard bids a 2nd suit after a 1 opening. Is it the same after 1NT? eg 1N P 2 P 2 P 3 P ? Is 3 or 3 a cue for pards minor or natural? Does ...
Nickell vs. Lall - Board 111 - 7!S
I asked Kit at the time when South follows with the D9 followed by the Q whether this is a restricted choice situation. He was too busy to answer.
Prepare the Auction
What do you think of bidding 2C on some 3-3-4-3 hands.
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