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Alan Schwartz
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April 29, 2013
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Martin Lindfors's bidding problem: AK952 --- T97 AQ983
Because it shows more than 10xx in support.
Who should have taken the bull by its horns?
Obviously N should bid game. The only question is whether S should accept. Move a spade to the heart suit giving N a more normal 3S bid makes 4S a poor contract at MP, so pass seems reasonable.
How would you have bid this better?
This hand is a clear upgrade. Aces, good 5 card suit. What else do you want? '
Can Berktaş's bidding problem: Q76532 AT875 --- 75
Pard opened your void, bid you shorter major, saw you bid vul. Where are you going?
Alan Schwartz's bidding problem: AKQJ7632 --- K4 Q72
This was on BBO Vugraph. The person holding this hand dbled. All Pass for down 1. Meckstroth at the other table faced this problem over a 2NT opener and choose 4S. Down only 1 as he got a diamond lead to score his K. So Dbl is the winning bid ...
Debbie Rosenberg's bidding problem: QT8764 3 T85 732
I have a reasonable 2 bid first round, clear cut 4 2nd round so just guessing now
ATB: -500 instead of +1010
North made a horrible 2 bid. 1st choice is pass, don't you want to defend 2 vul if pard can't bid? 2nd choice is 2 as he should still bid out his shape even with the TO dbl. I voted mostly N as S should ...
Can East and West bid better?
Did N guess the SQ?
What is 3D?
Certainly NF, pard can pass with a 5-5 min.
A Series of Polls (Part 1)
Pard showing a hand too good to overcall 1S so opposite a 2 level free bid, 2S should be forcing.
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