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May 4, 2015
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English Bridge's chief babysitter.

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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the saint
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Improving the Seeding Process
Or.... Go completely random draw. Like the FA Cup. No favouritism, no algorithms, no subjectiveness, just plan Lady Luck. You might get lucky and get a theoretically easy path, the top rated teams might draw in the first round, or the second, but that's what makes it exciting. Anyone ...
Why would anyone want to do this?
Need an all of the above option.
Suggestions on books on probability calculation
For an Italian there's also: 'Probabilities and Alternatives in Bridge' by Vivaldi and Barracho Some copies going very cheap second hand on Amazon -
We don't know why more young people aren't playing bridge
To address a couple of Will's points. Yes funding is crucial at international level. It isn't quite that simple. Despite the best efforts, Bridge has not been recognised as it has in other countries by Sport UK or any other official sanctioning bodies. This makes it much harder ...
We don't know why more young people aren't playing bridge
The example Chris gives is not an isolated one. I've seen countless schools clubs collapse when a much loved bridge playing teacher has retired and there hasn't been someone to take it on. I myself was lucky to have a teacher who completely gave of herself. Time, knowledge ...
Over my shoulder
I think Sylvia Shi of the US ladies has done some of these things on YouTube
Board 4 In The Wroclaw Quarterfinals
This is the one you used in our squad session?
We don't know why more young people aren't playing bridge
A bit more context might help. When I was a school age junior 20-25 years ago there were more schools playing and a greater breadth of them. Numbers have declined. A lot. Part of this is because of fewer people and indeed teachers being players. Part of this is because ...
Why do these guys cheat?
That's often the answer as to why sportsmen and women took drugs - because they thought everyone else was so they needed to level the playing field. And so it continues...
ATB - big club fit
DG's arguments changed my mind. When you start constructing hands for South's X... I've often found in simulations that people frequently undervalue fairly control rich balanced hands opposite known unbalanced hands.

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