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April 25, 2015
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about me

20 years NZ championships Bulletin editor, 10 years Australian NOT editor  . 2 PABC bulletin editorial stints, NZ Open trialist (horribly inconsequential) 2 NZ Seniors titles. Habitual psycher, habitual over-bidder, eternal optimist at the table, eternally disappointed

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How do you rule
I'm still anxiously awaiting a "convention disruption" freak to call the sheriff because his pair got a good result from a system forget. When it happens, I'll shout "hallelujah", immediately become a better bridge player than ******* (insert your own hero), cure cancer and establish the GTOE, while simultaneously ...
Mindful revoke
IMHO DB is one of the most reasoned posters on this site. I believe he is ABSOLUTELY right on this occasion. He stuffed up and takes his beans - yes, that's how I want to play the game and Mike Ma adds the correct colophon
bbo help please
barry m : many thanks - that's done it. As a longtime windows guy, just pushed into mac by a zealot son, i had no idea about hiding scroll bars
Liam M - that is without doubt one of the least outlandish things i've ever read on this site
Opinion Poll on Adequacy of Simplest Multi 2D Defenses
for god's sake, multi is not an ogre. i play in a VERY ordinary standard session every week. there are at least 3 common multi options. written defences are not allowed and players who have never won a tournament (session) happily cope. The multi ogre is a myth
Hasta la vista, visa?
bridge is a game played against people. reading people is a big part of the game. lets play on tablets and then, guess what, we can do away with the people altogether
I'm Sorry
Michael, I really think that you need to put this to bed. I' m 100% certain that your comment was 100% out of line - therefore your opps reaction is irrelevant - it's your comment that caused the problem. Through most of the earlier thread, you seemed to be defending. Although ...
Who Will Qualify for the Bermuda Bowl KOs?
Dead god, I wish I was a one eyes chauvanist
Club game ruling question
The OP staes clearly that it was the actual agreement. Why would you question that? It's not exactly ambiguous. . I realise that DB has a very strong view about misexplanations/misbids but there's got to be a point where we actually accept the conditions specified.
Sir Everton Weekes
i never saw bradman but i did watch weekes, tendulkar, aamed, richards compton, and for me, the best i have ever seen was peter may. my father, who played first class, always placed hobbs above bradman but i suspect that was more chauvinism than reality. by any measure - note measure ...
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