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April 25, 2015
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about me

20 years NZ championships Bulletin editor, 10 years Australian NOT editor  . 2 PABC bulletin editorial stints, NZ Open trialist (horribly inconsequential) 2 NZ Seniors titles. Habitual psycher, habitual over-bidder, eternal optimist at the table, eternally disappointed

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Lose the Bermuda Bowl With Me
my god, i just discovered that there can be 2 sides to a story
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
Michael H almost invariably, I admire your carefully thought out and constructive opinions. This is a huge exception. I'm not going to enumerate (again) in how many ways MP offended . the only evidence of "malicious refusal to entertain contrary views" is in you comment. MP was (by his own ...
How aggressive are you?
Australian and New Zealand International, Stephen Burgess, has a rule : if you have a 7 card or longer suit and 11 cards or more in 2 suits in first or second after a pass bid game or better. Since Stephen explained this to me, I have followed it religiously with ...
The best bridge book for beginners
"Paul Marston's Introduction to Bridge is arguably the most uncomplicated beginner's book on the market. It presents a fresh and clear way to learn bridge." - quote from Brotherhood Books website.
1998 - The Last Great World Bridge Series!
TY Avon, am following up. Also ty for super prompt response
1998 - The Last Great World Bridge Series!
Avon, do you have link to the Kleinman essay?
Not everyone thinks 2001 a Space Odyssey is a great movie(1)
Personally, I found "The Rodwell Files" stylistically unreadable and I know of one World Championship winner who agrees with me.
Stay or Run and UI - Corrrected
If you held the E hand and (for some reason) W was barred from the rest of the auction after opening 2NT. Personally I'd rather shoot 5C than 3NT - but I know others will differ. On that basis and granted that partner has correctly explained our lack of agreement ...
HAL, Watson, Deep Blue and ?
DC - aren't your suggestions just a tad amerocentric? 89% - a TAD amerocentric? really? Maybe Bengio should be in there or goness or foruozzo or some other referneces to all the years when europeans dominated.
HAL, Watson, Deep Blue and ?
that's it. I give up
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