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Alan Taylor
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April 25, 2015
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20 years NZ championships Bulletin editor, 10 years Australian NOT editor  . 2 PABC bulletin editorial stints, NZ Open trialist (horribly inconsequential) 2 NZ Seniors titles. Habitual psycher, habitual over-bidder, eternal optimist at the table, eternally disappointed

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4th suit?
Could be 4144
4th suit?
4432 1H 4144 1C unless C are rubbish then 1D
Forcing or not
Game try agreeing hearts
Here goes....
Reese. Reese. Reese - don't care about the haters - Reese
Is pass forcing?
what's the form of scoring? Seems important if 3S not forward going.
If a hesitation can be unethical can a quick bid also?
To me the key word in the OP is "quickly". I'm a simple soul - my partner will assure you of that - so to me this suggests a variation from normal tempo deliberately to mislead opps. See Allen Simon above
Ethical or not?
I'm a simple soul (my partner would have me leave out a and soul. To me Law 72 says that i can't dump
A Cheater's Best Friend? Secrecy, Or?
"court of public opinion" wow what a good tribunal - see ML and MP for the most amazing "I know him, he's a wonderful sportsman" comments which ignore what had happened.
Leveling the playing field for newer players?
For many years, with a variety of partners, including casual games, I have used the method of defending a big club by playing a slightly modified version of whatever defence to 1NT we have agreed. So if playing simple Landy - 1NT 2C shows both majors - a double of a P ...
What is the meaning of demonstrably?
yes, db, I did mean you.. delighted by your second clause. not so delighted by your second sentence - why can't words mean what they say rather than what people (mistakenly) think they say

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