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Alan Wertheimer
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April 7, 2011
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April 7, 2015
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Open New Orleans Discussion Thread
is there a way to find out the total masterpoints earned by players at the NABC. I can't find it on the web site.
A Sad State of Affairs
This is sad, but I would be reluctant to draw too many conclusions from a single case. If the objective is to recruit more players and keep them in the game, it's an open question as to whether more strats, flights, gold rush games and the like are actually ...
Unauthorized Information - Most Common Situations
I don't know that these are the "most" common, but they are common enough. 1. Putting down one's bidding card with great intensity (frequently the 3N card). 2. Fingering several cards on defense before playing a card, indicating that one is being careful about the signal. 3. After ...
Reverse or not
In 2/1, whether or not the "reverse" shows extra values is related to partnership agreement with game forcing values and, say, 4 spades and 5 clubs. If it is agreed that one should establish the game force right away with 2C, then it would be a mistake to play ...
It's your call!
Just curious: did E claim to be damaged? If so, in what way?
Do you feel strongly about this?
But how do you get from "an author" (singular) to persuading the writer that "they" (plural) are wrong? :)
What's the best strategy?
Nice story. There was another opportunity for a "teaching moment" here, namely, the "rule of 15." It's not clear what South held in spades, but it might have been a mistake to open light 4th seat with only 1 or 2 spades.
Series Finale
Great series. I looked forward to each week's installment. Although I look forward to new and different series, I would encourage you to consider repeating the same format on occasion. A small correction. The score says that you played board 14 in 3D, whereas you played it in 3C.
Final Session, Round 9
Gavin, Were you surprised that you got an average + on board 23, or did you think that was likely once you saw that other tables might have gotten to 4S? And do you know what you would have received for a pass-out? Thanks for this series.
Final Session, Round 4
Gavin, You didn't note that whereas 3N is beatable, 4S is cold. Might not Joel have raised you to 2S rather than rebid 1N? Do you know what 4S making 420 would have scored? Thanks for the series.
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