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Alan Wilson
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Jan. 3, 2018
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about me

Based in England, I've been playing bridge for 40+ years since learning as a teenager.  I'm a strong enough player to captain my county in national competitions, but not strong enough to be seen as a real threat by the true experts.

A member of the EBU's Laws and Ethics Committee since 2017.

United Kingdom

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Interference after Michaels
"Demonstrably wrong", Barry? Surely the longer your life goes on without this hand coming up, the more likely it is to be just around the corner? So now I have "demonstrated" that you had better make sure your agreements allow for this....
Blind pass or bid!
I didn't see anything in the discussion to imply that such a system would be illegal - it would have to be properly disclosed, of course. I can't help wondering what happens if you change your mind and open the bidding instead. That is a gross departure from your ...
Missed Game
It looks closer to a "dreadful" game than a "poor" game, to me.
Suit Preference or Attitude on opening lead of partner's suit in a NT contract?
I'm curious that there seem to be strong views on both sides of the debate about whether the signal could show count. I thought it was "standard" to play: - first priority is attitude. If attitude is/will be known after this trick or is clearly irrelevant then... - second priority ...
What Are We Going To Do About Slow Play?
Clive: "always slow" Andreas: "notoriously slow" This is the point, isn't it? There are, of course, players who struggle now and again to keep to the required time limits when difficult hands come along. But the real problem is that there are players who will almost always take longer ...
I am still not sure about the correct procedure here
I think you need to be honest to yourself about why you are sure what the bid means. In the example you have given, I would be very unclear both from experience with others and the logic of the situation, but I would be very clear with at least one ...
You dug this hole...
Maybe this would be a good time to accept the insufficient bid.
Exploratory Data Analysis of Chicago Club Attendance
I think pretty much any club I am aware of in England fits your description of a membership club. I don't think this hinders diffusion, though - it only takes a few members also playing on another club or in higher-level tournaments for the relative playing strengths of different clubs ...
On computer versus hand shuffling
Try keeping a record next time you play. I think you may be surprised. I just looked at the two matches I have played in the last week. In the 24-board match there were 14 boards on which one or more player had at least a 6-card suit. In the ...
On computer versus hand shuffling
Does 50% sound too high or too low to you, Michael?
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