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Sept. 16, 2015
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Oct. 18
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Alastair Gidman's bidding problem: QT7 983 AKQ53 A4
Thank you, Richard. I doubled as well, but it didn't work out so well opposite 9xxx, xx, J10xx, KJx. P spent 4 hours telling me I should have bid 3D!! hah!
How to bid a strong hand?
Reverse into what, Richard? It might be difficult to convince an unfamiliar partner you haven't got what you said you had!
ATB - Failure to take control or Failure to bid his hand.
If East's 3N is a slam try, what on earth has West got to embarrassed about? Great trumps 2 aces and a near maximum.
Assign the blame missed slam - 1
Surely West can bid cue 5D over the 4D......makes it quite clear to p.
What is the Best line in 6NT?
I saw this hand from the Europeans yesterday. At all the tables I followed, when a heart goes to the Q and the A..a heart comes back, and now you must decide whether to finesse or rely on a 3-3 break in clubs. A certain English (very tall) declarer ...
Alastair Gidman's bidding problem: 6 T73 AKT8xx AQx
Thank you all for responding!. For those that bid 6c....congrats. you just won the match. opener had Qx, -, Qxxx,KJxxxxx. For those that doubled....bad luck. S had AKxxx, AQxxxx,x,x.
Alastair Gidman's bidding problem: JT3 QJ32 J64 963
Agreed. Thank you.
Alastair Gidman's bidding problem: A84 KQ7 AK9852 K
Yes. Thank you. One risks partner's wrath when 4H is missed, but nothing's perfect.
It's Not Europe Vs. America
This is the problem with it cards or athletes doping...whatever. It creates suspicion every where. But I remember well years back, a huge percentage of Brits believed that their countrymen were clean, when it came to athletics. ' Hey we're Brits..we don't do that sort ...
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