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Alberto Gioannini
Alberto Gioannini
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Feb. 29, 2012
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Nov. 27, 2017
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Avoid Commitment
It can be used to play in 3 of other major too: 2H-2S-3H or 2S-2NT-3S ?
He Will React
"East should have cashed the ace of spades at trick 2. There was no point in hanging onto it. Dummy's diamonds are good" If you don't see the D9, how can you know they are good ? And instead of the pointless HK, isn't better to hope in ...
Kill the Threat
I just can't see how you can make 3D. You're always overruffed on a major
USBC: two more from Hung - Diamond
Also the simple squeeze with sort of 4-4-3-2 with CQ doubleton
The Blind Loser. Part 1 - Poll
Way too strong for 4S at favorable, and even all nonvul
Opening 1NT with a 5 card major - a survey
I read a stat that 1H was more successful than 1N, but NOT 1S. So I open 1N with hearts (if the hand isn't super-max), but not spades
Bulletin - "The Bidding Box"
on the 2nd hand in many hands you don't have to ruff even with a club lead, North having - AK(J) - J only (small to K) - KJ (small to A, on the club back you discard H)
Lynn Harris vs. The Bridge World: 4 level bids after a 3 level preempt
good and useful(but perhaps not a so "major deficiency in bidding")
8-bagger, 8-bagger What do you do?
Why not 4C ? shouldn't be splinter (with huge diamond support you can start with 2D)
Extra shape 4 + Full hand
If 4H is spades and a minor you should bid it. Double could be any two colors, but in case of minor/spades, the minor is better, while for 4H spades are better

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