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In the Well: Jeff Meckstroth
Hi Jeff, which pairs are the ones you like to kibbitz the most when you are not playing? Your own teammates do not count, as that would be a bit of cheating... Also, do you have any fun stories from your junior days?
After bidding Stayman, what is 3D?
W.o. any agreements, would assume 5D 4M(Or other major) and GF looking to describe his hand.
Modern Losing Trick Count
By the way none of those hands are what you say they are. In MLTC: Missing A = 1.5, K = 1, Q = 0.5 losers. so OP hand is 7 losers(although the wikipedia link says xx = 2.5 so actually even 8) while the hand in this comment is ...
Jacoby 2NT Responses
Showing full shape over Jacoby does not seem efficient - if you want to use full shape relays, id rather go with 1N/2C as the starting question, and keep 2N for different purpose, as in just invite/set major and trump and check if we have a slam due to ...
Why play a Big !C or Precision?
From what I have noticed - playing some strong club might be easier for beginner players, but as mentioned above, you can mostly get the advantages of strong club in a natural framework(Light openings, defined ranges and so on), although the partnership needs some disciple. Some examples of this is ...
What is this dbl 1!C-(Pass)-1!D-(1M)-dbl
In this situation and similar I believe opener's double is take out. Most of the time it overlaps with the support double, although partner does not neceserally need to have 3 card support, but he might have say 6 clubs - 4 OM 2 p suit - 1 singleton and extras ...
Can Google's DeepMind beat the BBO Robots in 2017
Agree with the part on motivation. After AlphaGo winning the match, im somewhat convinced that if the Deep Mind team would put in the same resources in bridge, they would achieve sucess, but the question, is why should they? Likely they have nothing to prove - the only ones who would ...
Will Roper's bidding problem: K954 Q963 4 AQ92
It depends on what partner opens 2 on here. It is quite possible that partner has opened on the hand Eric has shows, in which case it swings more to 2, but I think my hand is too soft anyway
In the Well: Brian Platnick
Hi, Brian, thanks for being in the well. I wanted to ask, how do you maintain your partnership harmony with John, as well as, if there are weak spots you notice in your play as well as bidding, how do you work at them?
Do you employ wide-ranging pre-empts?
There is an option missing in the poll. I would preempt soundish, if my p is not a passed hand, Psycho preempt if p is passed and we are green.

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